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Hey people... while my b-day's today I was wondering if people would be available on Thursday or Friday night to get together for dinner.

I'm still trying to figure out where... probably Asian and in Albany/Colonie. Most likely around 6:30ish.
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Ok, so after consideration, the 9:35pm show of Transformers at the new Colonie Center movie theater is the choice. There's a significant # of people who haven't seen it at all, or at least not in a movie theater.

So, meet for dinner around 7:30 at Emperor's on Wolf Rd? That way we have time to eat fairly leisurely and have time to manage the potential lines for the movie.

Please let me know if you're coming my emailing me or calling me on my cell. (email me if you need the #)

Edit: I'm concentrating on people getting together for dinner since the movie will be so late.
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I'd still like to get together tomorrow, but I just found out that the new movie theater in Colonie Center is opening up and has a $2 deal today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. $2 movies, $2 popcorn, $2 soda.

I'm trying to get a movie schedule and the times. I know I've not seen Iron Man yet. The Forbidden Kingdom looks interesting.

Are people interested?
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When: Tuesday 5/13 6:00 pm (should be a good time for dinner, unless people have a problem with that time)
Where: Grecian Gardens, Rt 9 in Halfmoon (Greek Diner on crack sort of place, and no stupid singing)

Let me know if you're going to come so I can make sure the table is big enough.
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[Poll #1182804]
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1st- Happy Birthday [ profile] hotspurre!!!

2nd- my birthday is on Monday. Anyone interested in going somewhere for dinner? It can't be Garcia's because with Cinco de Mayo I can never have Mexican food on my birthday.
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to the best biological big brother I have-

[ profile] hopelrailmantic

He turned 40 yesterday.

He was properly dirged and given a chocolate cake made up sort of tombstone like this past weekend at Hunters.

I think the icon has enough candles. :D

...and yes, I know I'm setting myself up for a razzing when I turn 40 in 8 years, but what else are little sisters for?

ps- I thought I had posted this yesterday...
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who wished me a happy birthday yesterday.

New Icon

Oct. 20th, 2006 08:12 am
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Thank you to [ profile] purpura, who took this picture at [ profile] anangelssilence's baby shower a couple of weeks ago AND made the icon. Or at least sent to me.

Speaking of [ profile] purpura... Happy First Birthday to her and [ profile] ioldanach's very cute son.... [ profile] squishymorton!
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to my beautiful beloved [ profile] marnen


Jun. 28th, 2006 08:09 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] mrbigsteve & [ profile] pelgar!
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Bro! (aka [ profile] stefka)
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On Thursday not only did I get my movie and cake pan, but the Living Greyhawk Gazetter came in. My Rebekahs meeting was canceled due to a lack of people showing up.

Friday night, I went up to Bearsville (next to Woodstock) for the State Assembly President's visit. It went rather well. They have their own Lodge hall (original to the Rebekah's/Odd Fellows). Dinner was good (the ladies of that lodge make good lasagna).

Saturday & Birthday Party )

Sunday & Theater )

Bernie and Sally gave me a gift card for Barnes & Nobel-- guess who's getting LFN Season 2?
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Friday- My Birthday )

Saturday- some productivity )

Sunday- even more productivity )

I got up and got to work a little late, but I'm here. And the phones have been pretty much non-stop all morning.

And I just want to sleep.

But it is time for lunch.


May. 3rd, 2006 07:36 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hotspurre
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So Friday night [ profile] marnen and I went to look at a possible wedding/reception site. I'll post more about that in [ profile] sunmoon_wed.

Then I went to a club to see The Flying Buttresses and Zen Debris. This is a link to pictures that were taken by the "official" photographer. I had fun, even though the crowd was a bit... sparse to say the least.

Saturday morning Marnen and I did some registry related stuff. Mainly deciding on going to Filene's (soon to be Macy's) for china and that sort of stuff, and Target for other stuff (and decided on a bedding set). Again, I'll post more about that in [ profile] sunmoon_wed.

Marnen left to go to Aikido, and I did some shopping. I ended up getting two tops (a side effect of shrinking and longer fitting into my clothing) and a pair of stockings. I then headed over to the Stronghold-As-It-Is-Currently-Located-In-Warwick. Jeff, Katie, and Matt had to run and look at another possible house, so I got to spend a while talking with Kae. It was a good thing. And for once I had dinner there that didn't involve steak (but involved mashed potatoes again, which is a *good* thing too). Then I did get time to hang out with Jeff & Katie (Matt had to go to bed). Marnen had a gig, so I stayed overnight and had pancakes and helped Martha the house for an Open House. I was there when the bid went in and as things developed, which was a neat thing to see. I also got a lot of time in seeing Charlie.

Sunday afternoon I headed over to Rich & Debbie Simons' house in Beacon. They are a couple that Marnen's known for over 10 years now. They're both good musicians and Rich is a conductor 2 ways- a conductor for the Metro North and an orchestra conductor. Each year they host an orchestral/chamber music jam. I met Marnen over there and played a bit. Even got to play my piccolo, which doesn't happen much. But good gods, the William Tell has a B that's TWO OCTAVES ABOVE the staff, in the PICCOLO part. That's above Stars & Stripes range. I got it out, once, after asking Marnen on how to finger the blasted thing.

Saturday I had a headache when I got to the Stronghold. I took some stuff for it. Sunday, it came back with a vengeance. Especially after playing the William Tell.

I made it home. I stopped for Mt. Dew and meds on the way. I was even a little nauseous (which rarely happens with my migraines, fortunately). I slowly drove home, and when I got there it took a while to fall asleep.

Today is work. Part of me didn't want to go, but I don't have time to play with for days off. Tonight I have to stop off and do some work on the bylaws for my Rebekah's lodge, then run over to the CIA for dinner with Marnen and Bernie for Bernie's birthday.


Apr. 18th, 2006 07:37 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] purpura
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Happy Birthday to an excellent writer- [ profile] mzmadmike
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Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] ioldanach
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Happy Birthday [ profile] seorgia!!


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