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I just felt so weary when I woke up, and afraid that I'd spend half the day in the bathroom... So I called in again.

I just woke up from going to sleep again, and I still have dark circles under my eyes.

My stomach seems to be co-operating so far, though.
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... I just ate a banana and hope to keep it down or in for longer than a half hour.

I went to the store and picked up some stuff- kaopectate and the Gerber version of Pediolyte (or however it is spelled). The drink stuff tastes like hell, and it's supposed to be the "New Great Tast(ing)" apple flavor.

I feel like hell in general. It isn't so bad as long as I sit pretty still. Going to the store was bad/interesting. I was able to hold everything in until I got home though. Walking in the store was the greatest pain that I had felt since last night.

I'm watching The Last Samurai now. I hadn't seen it before and... wow. It's almost amusing the differance.. how idiotic Tom Cruise can be as a person and how moving he can be in role.

And Watanabe... gods, he's incredible.
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I'm home today.
In short, Gastritis and my period hit within 12 hours of each other.
since this contains bodily functions, I'm putting it behind a cut in case you don't want to get sick either. )

Kill me, kill me now...
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female body stuff, so you might not want to know )


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