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A) Apparently, back at an interview I had in June for a state Helpdesk contract it went so well that I was one of the ones selected. But then it had to go through state processes and such. Apparently, it was rejected and had to be re-submitted. Now, the rejection was not due to something with me, but since Patterson took over every state agency is scrutinizing every contract bid with a microscope and this particular agency has rejected and had to re-submit a lot more contacts than before. And with Patterson's announcement about tightening belts in budgets, it's even worse. So, I do have the job, as soon as the paperwork processes and they can give me a start date. But, it's state paperwork, so goddess knows how long it will take. The recruiter is thinking maybe another 2 weeks.

B) The radiator hose on my Volvo broke last night. I had just pulled out of a Stewarts and onto Rt. 2 in Troy (heading onto Rt. 66 to go to a D&D game in the not-quite-Wynanskill area) when there was a pop and a billow of coolant scented smoke. Got through the light and immediately pulled over. Turned the engine off, looked under the hood, and a hose is cracked open. I had a full tank of coolant, and I don't think even a full minute went by, so the engine should be fine.

Something inside *me* broke and I was pretty much bawling for 10 minutes straight (with slight breaks) while our friends at the destination house for the game came and picked Jon and I up.

It shouldn't be too expensive of a fix, and may even be able to be done by someone with a clue and a new hose, but, with the lack of job for an uncertain amount of time, Marnen pretty broke and in England, I'm not sure what the hell I'm going to do.
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Ok, so I'm on the way to a convention in Gettysburg, PA.

First, back in Albany (Watervliet actually), the back end of my car skids and taps a parked car owned by a rather cranky old man. Call the police and all that's taken care of.

James, [ profile] goddess_becca's husband, picks me up from the Halfway house and we start the trek to Gettysburg, with a stop in NJ to pick up Steve (one of the other judges for the con).

I-287 near Parsippany, NJ (haven't picked up Steve yet). Car ahead of us suddenly puts on flashers and slows down. James tries to slow down, but the roads are just slushy enough that it's not going to work so he tries to go over to the left lane (which has no cars in it), to pass.

Fishtail. Lose control. Spin out. Front-end hits the barrier, spin more, back-end hits the barrier and we stop.

No one is hurt, just shaken, and we see the reason why the car in front of us did what it did- there's a car from another accident, no lights, stopped in the middle of the road facing the wrong way.

We're able to get a clear spot in the traffic to get over to the other side of the road and get out of traffic. Phone calls made.

Cops, tow trucks, and people driving on the edge of the slush enough to coat all of us standing on the side of the road.

So... the back axle is busted, and we had to get a hotel room. We're now waiting for the driver for the rental car company to get to work, to pick us up, so we can stop at the garage the car is at to finish up there before we can continue on our way to Regulator Con.
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I took it to the garage last week to get a once over before taking it across the state.

The list of what they found:
Right lower ball joint is bad
Left Front and Right Rear tires are bad
Front Pads Low
Water Pump Leaking
Radiator leaking on the bottom
Exhaust Manifold cracked
Leaking oil from multiple areas
Head Gasket bad- causing over pressurizing of system and leading to other issues (like the leaking oil & coolant issues)

Metal in the overflow jug- probably from the water pump (which looks like it was replaced recently, and poorly).

Now some of this I can understand coming from regular wear and tear (like the tires and the brakes, and even the ball joint). But it takes work/active neglect for a Volvo to get this bad!

Initial estimate for repairs, providing nothing else goes wrong- $3000 (and it's not the garage trying to screw me over- they don't even do a number of the things on the list, like the head gasket).

I've sent a message to the previous owner to see if we can make some sort of arrangement. Not sure what though.

Needless to say, it's not leaving the Capital District until I sort out what's going on.
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The Volvo is insured, registered, and in my possession.

I have to get used to shifting with a foreign car automatic transmission- the only other cars that I've owned with a gear shit down by my knee have all been manual transmissions.

I LOVE power mirrors. And the working heated seats. Cruise control is neat too- I've never had it on one of my own cars before.

Only one problem- When I first looked at the car all the doors and the tailgate opened and shut normally. Now the tailgate isn't opening from the outside. I can turn the key to the left (lock position) but not to the right (unlock position). I can fold down a seat, reach through the back, and open the tailgate from the inside with no problems. I have 2 keys and have tried both. For those who have owned Volvos before- any suggestions?
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The car has been signed over to me, but since it didn't have plates on it and it's not registered under my plates, I'm not going to pick it up until tomorrow (after taking a long lunch and going to the DMV)

As for the fiancé- [ profile] marnen is leaving for Japan on Wednesday. Since he's going to be in the office in White Plains tomorrow, he and I had our last dinner and cuddle for a couple of weeks. For those who don't know- he has a week of English Country dance gigs in Tokyo with the Flying Romanos. Since they will already be there and the plane fare is being paid for by their host, they're staying an extra 10 days to play tourist.
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Soon after the announcement that Fido is dead, [ profile] curlyeric contacted me. A friend of his had just moved to San Francisco and was selling his car. I look a look at it and I'm buying it tonight (with help from [ profile] marnen.

It's a blue 1992 Volvo 740 4-door Wagon w/ 4-Cyl. 2.3 Liter engine and 176,000 miles. By the owner's records, it gets an average of 23 – 25 mpg (which is much better milage than Fido got).

Recent work, as stated by the seller- last year 2 new snow tires. New CD player/radio, IPOD connection in glove box (IPOD not included) installed this summer. Radiator flushed 7-07, Transmission Service 11-06, and New Air-Conditioning System Installed 6-06.

The car has: power windows w/ child safety locks, power door locks w/central locking, ABS braking, driver's air bag, cruise control, roof rack, and heated front seats (Bun Warmers).

Gallery of pics of the car I'm buying tonight

I'm looking forward to getting the car. All the doors and windows open and close and the heat/ac works. Which for anyone who has ridden in Fido in the past few years will know is a major improvement. And the heated seats is a definite bonus- considering I don't have lava for blood like some of my friends do.
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[note: I thought I had posted this yesterday]

Edit: Some stuff has been reworded because I might just found out that I not be able to officially talk about it until after I had made the post.

Plus- I'm better. The cold/whatever it was started breaking up Friday evening.

Plus- Car search has been started.

Minus- While I was sick it was announced that there will be changes to my job.

Plus- My company is looking out for me and others effected by the above minus *crossing fingers and praying to appropriate gods, and still working on my A+ cert classes in the meantime*

Plus- MEPACON is this weekend.

Plus- My friend David is visiting from Buffalo and we're getting together with others on Halloween (most likely Wednesday night) for hanging out/ritual.
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the crankshaft sensor did not break off during the operation, so it's the smaller of two prices. The car is ready to pick up, but they close before I get out of work. So Marnen will pick it up and pay for it tomorrow when they're open, then we'll switch cars later in the day.
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busted crankshaft sensor.
And apparently on GM cars there's a 50/50 chance of the sensor falling into the oil pan as they take it off. It isn't the end of the world, but they have to take off the oilpan in order to get it out, making it take longer (and thereby costing more $)

and possibly the computer itself is going, so it's something to watch out for.

but, it should be fixed tomorrow.
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and it's at the garage and won't start.

Maybe it means that they will figure out what the hell is wrong with it.
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I got the car home last night. While it was idling, the engine was doing this surging thing, but seemed to even out by the time I turned it off.

In fact, it started this morning, but stalled when I got to a stop light. I was on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie (just north of the IBM Poughkeepsie campus- at the lights by the Price Chopper and shopping plazas).

The bleeping car won't start again. At least this time it tries to turn over.

Marnen came and we switched cars. I am so lucky that he has a job where he can take the train if I'm having car problems.

He did find one thing that would get the car to start- call AAA for a tow and then the car will start.

So it is back at the garage, with 2 voice-mails telling them to FIX it. To look at the car/engine even if it starts for them. Because it should NOT be doing this.

The keys happened to fall on the envelope that contains the payment from getting the starter replaced.
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and damn... because of the rust it took extra time for them to get the starter out so they could replace it.

but it's fixed and I should be able to pick it up when Marnen gets home.
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After work I got through to the garage. The car started every time for them. So the mechanic took the keys, took the cordless phone, and went out to the car.

The first time, it started.

The second time, it didn't.

But at least this time, he could hear what was happening (or not happening as the case may be) and he's going to call me back with how much a new starter is going to cost.

Starters seem to be pesky things. Unless they're actually acting up, there is no way to tell that they're having problems.

Car update

Aug. 7th, 2006 11:15 am
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Marnen and I went back to the UF hall when he got home.

He jiggled a couple of wires that he could see and it started to crank- and eventually started. Got to the garage, and turned off the car. Tried to start it again, same thing- it didn't try to turn over again.

So I wrote another note and put in the keys, and let the car at the garage again.

update: for those confused... I did get the car back on Thursday of last week. The garage looked at it and it started every time for them two days in a row. So I took it home and drove it Friday and Saturday during the day. I'm not sure if I posted this.
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I went to the store and to home.
I went to the Unitarian Fellowship Hall for a belated Lughnassah ritual.

My car is still in the UF Hall's parking lot because now, it even doesn't try to turn over. Battery isn't dead because all the lights go on normally.

I'm going to go back tomorrow with Marnen and see if we can jump it- or otherwise call a tow truck and bring it right back to the garage.

A nice woman from the group gave me a ride home.
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into a drooling fangirl mass...

I love Joss, and hate him just a little.

And I have to see Serenity again (and again and again...) and it is *so* mine when it comes out on DVD.

And Marnen liked it too, and he's not even seen the series...

Commentary with spoilers post to come later...

I'm just waiting for a quote to replace my front right tire, which busted on the way home (less than a half mile from a tire place...).
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Marnen picked up a 2006 Scion on Monday night. His dad helped with the down payment. It's a nice car (and it's manual so I won't get so out of practice!).

It also got a flat tire on the way to work yesterday. It looks like we got a nail or shrapnel in it while driving. The tire is very quick and easy to change though!

I've got Fido/Bella back, almost $500 later. One wheel bearing replaced, two tires, a few lights. It should hold together until I get the retention (aka the "thank you got not getting another job elsewhere") bonus in December.
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a couple of lights, no big deal.

two tires and 1 wheel bearing... ouch

there's another wheel bearing that's not good (but will pass) and a coolant leak, but I should be able to hold off on that until I get the newer car.
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and my retention bonus, I'll be able to arrange for a new(er) car. Now just to get the verdict back on the one I currently have, which is in the shop for inspection and estimates on what needs to be done to it (the wheel bearings have been having issues, it's still going through a lot of coolant, and now it's sluggish to start after short trips).

I'm hoping I can hold off on any major repairs or replacements until December, and just get the new(er) car.


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