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This class covered sauteing and braising.

The menu:
Shrimp Bisque (3 teams, all mixed into 1 pot at the end for "The Melting Pot of Shrimp Bisque)
Mashed Potatoes with Horseradish and Creole Mustard (only 1 team, mine)
Haricot Vert (only 1 team, not mine)
Polenta Gratin (only 1 team, not mine)
Ratatouille (only 1 team, mine)
Pork Saltimbocca (2 teams)
Salmon en Papillote (3 teams, including mine)
Braised Lamb Shanks
Lemon Parfaits with Fresh Fruit.

My team did the Mashed Potatoes with Horseradish and Creole Mustard, the Ratatouille, and a set of Salmon en Papillote.

Here's the pictures. They're from the camera on my phone. One of the other ladies had a digital camera
The only things I didn't get pictures of was the lemon parfaits and the Haricot Vert.

Afterwards, [ profile] marnen headed up to Albany for [ profile] zimarra's birthday dinner up in Albany. After dinner we watched some Full Metal Alchemist. I need to watch more. Sunday I hung out with [ profile] tetsujinnooni and [ profile] chickipu_no_oni. Jon lent me his car so I could grab the later (and cheaper) train.
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Ok... I love my class. We had people from all walks of life, from a young lady who wanted to learn how to cook so her boyfriend could eat her food (she did great in the class, btw), to a little old must be a grandmother, to a lady who used to run a deli and wanted to see if she could handle being a student (because she's thinking of enrolling full time), to a couple of guys who were there because they love to cook.

The Class and link to photos )
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*reserved room for MEPaCon
*registered for Cook's Skill Development - Two Days (4/1 & 4/8) at the

to do:
*player registration for MEPaCon- opens 3/1/06
*find out what I should bring to the CIA class (and see if there's something I should buy as a result)

Valentine's Day Dinner 2 Nights Late
Last night I got the oil changed in my car and the car washed (one chain around here does the oil change/free car wash thing). Then I had some time before [ profile] marnen would get to Osho, so I hit Torrid and found a cute little velvet top (I'll have to get pics).

Osho was great. Expensive, but great. We did the hibachi table.

The server for drink orders and that sort of stuff wasn't good at it. She took the drink orders and then it took the person taking our food order 5 minutes later to find out that we still didn't have our drinks. Then she only came back to ask about refills once- at the very end. About the only thing she was quick about was bringing out the checks.

The chef though was great, and the food was excellent. This overrode the problems with the server. Usually I only eat half of my dinner, but I couldn't stop because it was so good. We had hibachi grilled calamari as an appetizer, then for dinner I had the filet mingon (the *only* person to order my meat bloody rare- none of the 6 guys at table did- Marnen came closest with medium rare) and shrimp. The filet was soooooo good. It didn't even need the mustard dipping sauce that was set for it. I tried it, but it was better without it. The shrimp was very good two, and went well with the ginger sauce. Marnen had steak (non-filet) and chicken.

It was just so good. *wiggle*

I have also failed as a woman, in some ways. They had roses there for 2 dollars (obviously marked down from $5 a piece for V-Day), and I ended up buying one for myself. Marnen started to feel bad because he didn't know I'd enjoy getting flowers. Apparently, discussion about flowers for V-Day led him to believe that I wouldn't enjoy getting flowers anytime of the year. Which is not the case. I think it's rediculous to hike the prices of flowers beyond belief and *have* to give them as a gift for V-Day. But I do appreciate flowers (I mentioned lavendar roses specifically) in general.

He was feeling so bad, while I was telling him that it was ok, because I obviously hadn't let him know. He continued to grumble until I told him that if he really felt that bad he could make it up to me, and it would be up to him on how to do it.

We got home, overstuffed, and promptly fell asleep.
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the wife of one of my co-workers works at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America). Last week he brought in an extra promo magazine that her office had sent home several copies with her, and today he brought in a CIA apron and one of their current news letter in for me.

It also looks like a number of the Vogue patterns are 50% off. Must consider them, and actually use some of the fabric I have home.


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