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Mom- she's out of the hospital and back in the nursing home to continue her rehab from the hip surgery, having had her gall bladder removed and no further complications! Thank the ever loving gods!!

Job- First day was today. Listened in on phone calls. Typical Help Desk first day stuff. Hopefully it won't take the usual 4-6 weeks to get my badge because of where the bathroom is I have to borrow a badge or get escorted just to get to the bathroom, much less back into the room we're training in.

Council of Five Nations- This coming weekend. Damn it, but it's the same weekend as Albacon (so I miss seeing people who are coming up for it like [ profile] purpura, miss seeing Anne McCaffery, but I'll be able to see Eric Flint this Thursday at Flights of Fantasy. At Council I'll be running a bit of Living Forgotten Realms (D&D 4e RPGA campaign), and maybe some Living Greyhawk (D&D 3.5 RPGA campaign), at Council.

Podcasts- I'm in the process of getting together the "Story So Far" for the next The Aurora Hunter chapter set up and recorded. I also submitted myself for a future contest for Horror Addicts. I seem to have left an impression on Emerian, the host for Horror Addicts after emailing her about Forever Knight....
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Yeah, I'm still around.

I went to DexCon this past weekend and had a blast. I ran a lot of Living Greyhawk, played some Witch Hunter (for the game and for the organized play setup), and was in a couple of Call of Cuthulu LARP sessions with PST Productions.
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So, we got in the rental car and headed to Steve's house. I double checked the directions, and after a phone call confirmed that we had gone past Steve's exit by over 20 miles when we had the accident.

We got directions to backtrack and got to Steve's house, picked him up, and we got to Gettysburg around 1:30 pm. The next slot was at 2pm.

Due to slots running late, I ended up not eating anything other than some pretzels, Combos (R), and soda until James' game ended early and he ran to the local KFC.

The con is very good and I plan on going there again next year. Goeff mods are unusual, and I got the 3 newest Keoland mods under my belt.

I got home with Jon and Tersha at 3-somthing AM on Monday morning, to find a "move it or we tow" notice on my car.

So, I strained my back digging out the car. I'm on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds for a few days.
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Ok... so I don't think I've mentioned that there is a gaming con at SUNY New Paltz, NY this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. I offered to run a track of Living Greyhawk games (short explination - DnD 3.5 network sanctioned games).

So, it took a while to get the official word from the college that they could run/advertise the con. I started getting my RPGA stuff in line.

Scheduling issues )

Paperwork and Organization response time: )
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and I'm tired. More to follow.

It was great to see [ profile] auntiero, [ profile] rombarro, and unexpectedly seeing [ profile] mea_bold and her husband!


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