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Ok, so I'm on the way to a convention in Gettysburg, PA.

First, back in Albany (Watervliet actually), the back end of my car skids and taps a parked car owned by a rather cranky old man. Call the police and all that's taken care of.

James, [ profile] goddess_becca's husband, picks me up from the Halfway house and we start the trek to Gettysburg, with a stop in NJ to pick up Steve (one of the other judges for the con).

I-287 near Parsippany, NJ (haven't picked up Steve yet). Car ahead of us suddenly puts on flashers and slows down. James tries to slow down, but the roads are just slushy enough that it's not going to work so he tries to go over to the left lane (which has no cars in it), to pass.

Fishtail. Lose control. Spin out. Front-end hits the barrier, spin more, back-end hits the barrier and we stop.

No one is hurt, just shaken, and we see the reason why the car in front of us did what it did- there's a car from another accident, no lights, stopped in the middle of the road facing the wrong way.

We're able to get a clear spot in the traffic to get over to the other side of the road and get out of traffic. Phone calls made.

Cops, tow trucks, and people driving on the edge of the slush enough to coat all of us standing on the side of the road.

So... the back axle is busted, and we had to get a hotel room. We're now waiting for the driver for the rental car company to get to work, to pick us up, so we can stop at the garage the car is at to finish up there before we can continue on our way to Regulator Con.
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Council of Five Nations XXX: Oct 5-7 )

MEPACON Fall 2007: Nov 2-4 )
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Philcon 2006 will be held at the Franklin Wyndam Plaza on November 17th-19th, 2006.

Still downtown Philly, but not at the Convention Center like last year.

now to hope it doesn't conflict with Ceilidh.
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Ok, while I was playing at MEPACON, one of the modules I played was Forrest of Ribbons. It introduced me to a new area, the Dreadwood, and I'm very interested in this area. And I think my character is very interested as well. There's a meta-organization of players/characters based out of the Dreadwood called the Dreadwalkers.

I've contacted the person listed as the contact for the Dreadwalkers and asked about more information and what mods to play to get into more contact with the group in character.
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MEPACON was cool. I saw old friends, and I hope

Friday Night )

Saturday )

Sunday )
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*reserved room for MEPaCon
*registered for Cook's Skill Development - Two Days (4/1 & 4/8) at the

to do:
*player registration for MEPaCon- opens 3/1/06
*find out what I should bring to the CIA class (and see if there's something I should buy as a result)

Valentine's Day Dinner 2 Nights Late
Last night I got the oil changed in my car and the car washed (one chain around here does the oil change/free car wash thing). Then I had some time before [ profile] marnen would get to Osho, so I hit Torrid and found a cute little velvet top (I'll have to get pics).

Osho was great. Expensive, but great. We did the hibachi table.

The server for drink orders and that sort of stuff wasn't good at it. She took the drink orders and then it took the person taking our food order 5 minutes later to find out that we still didn't have our drinks. Then she only came back to ask about refills once- at the very end. About the only thing she was quick about was bringing out the checks.

The chef though was great, and the food was excellent. This overrode the problems with the server. Usually I only eat half of my dinner, but I couldn't stop because it was so good. We had hibachi grilled calamari as an appetizer, then for dinner I had the filet mingon (the *only* person to order my meat bloody rare- none of the 6 guys at table did- Marnen came closest with medium rare) and shrimp. The filet was soooooo good. It didn't even need the mustard dipping sauce that was set for it. I tried it, but it was better without it. The shrimp was very good two, and went well with the ginger sauce. Marnen had steak (non-filet) and chicken.

It was just so good. *wiggle*

I have also failed as a woman, in some ways. They had roses there for 2 dollars (obviously marked down from $5 a piece for V-Day), and I ended up buying one for myself. Marnen started to feel bad because he didn't know I'd enjoy getting flowers. Apparently, discussion about flowers for V-Day led him to believe that I wouldn't enjoy getting flowers anytime of the year. Which is not the case. I think it's rediculous to hike the prices of flowers beyond belief and *have* to give them as a gift for V-Day. But I do appreciate flowers (I mentioned lavendar roses specifically) in general.

He was feeling so bad, while I was telling him that it was ok, because I obviously hadn't let him know. He continued to grumble until I told him that if he really felt that bad he could make it up to me, and it would be up to him on how to do it.

We got home, overstuffed, and promptly fell asleep.
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I posted to a Narbonic fan group the link to my pictures from Genericon and Shaenon (the artist) sent me an email asking if she could post them on Sunday!


So check out on Sunday and you might see me as well!
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A bunch of the cosplay ones aren't the best quality, because the lecture hall was very dark for most of it.
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and it's just a Women's fitted Large Haynes shirt (with printing)....

and it fits me.

Pretty well in fact. woo hooo!
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Helen from

From the merchandise that the artist has, I'm able to get Helen's t-shirt that says "evil" (with a nice pink heart over the i). I have to pick up a lab coat and goggles (or rectangular glasses) and perhaps rubber lab gloves... fix my hair and I'm set! Maybe pick up a beaker or test tube or something as well.
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The actual write-up comes tomorrow (I ended up cleaning a bit of the kitchen after I had a long work out, so I'm not going to be able to get the write up done tonight) is the whole gallery-now updated with the cell phone pics

Closeups of my costumes behind cut )
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and hoping to get there for 4pm.... I'm leaving early to deal with the whole snow issue.

5pm is the start time for the first LARP game (the 1890s Cuthulu game), but I can check into the hotel at 4pm... and I need to get food first (and Marnen pointed me to for a good cheesesteak.
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Ok... major decision time...

There will be three LARPs at Philcon- A weekend long Vampire: The Requiem session with the Camarilla, and two Call of Cuthulu Live sessions (one 1890s and one 1930s).

Do I want to hook up with the Camarilla, or do I want to play Cuthulu (which looks like it will also be a play test it for the unreleased 3rd Edition rules)?

I'm going to email the Cuthulu people to see if there's still room, which may be a deciding factor.

I've put in a trial membership for the Cam, and will check out the Albany game (I'll head up for the 12/3 session). If the Albany game doesn't work, then there's a NYC game too.

Or if I can find a # of people in the between-no-man's-land like me, start another group around here.
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I'm going to a Rebekahs meeting with Mom on Saturday, and hanging out with Jon & Tersha and whatever of the Halfway house crew is around and able to hang out.

and I registered for Philcon while it is still cheaper.
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I hope everything's ok.

Tactical Retreat was... ok. Then again, I'm not a miniatures player, so I don't really know how that part of it went. And it was a *big* part of the event.

I did get to play a neat RPG- Complete Mafia for d20 (and I did fairly well in it), Arkham Horror (LONG game based on Lovecraft, but it was cool), and "Oh my God! There's an Axe in my Head!" (by the people who did the Yamara comic for Dragon Magazine and are part of Aetherco games).

There's also a card game that I'm getting called Gloom. The cards are printed on clear plastic so you can see through them, the basis of the game is that you play modifiers on character cards and whichever modifiers can been seen "on top" are the active modifiers (even if it's a layer or two down but that modifier is not covered up by a card higher in the stack). And the artwork (and flavor text) is in Edward Gorey style.

I also got a good chance to talk with the organizers. They want to keep the con small, but they do want to get more role-players, and fantasy oriented people (including SCAdians) into the mix. I also offered my years of troll for SCAdian events to help with registration.

It's definitely a con with potential, as everyone gets more experience and the con matures.

Looking forward to future cons... Philcon (Decemeber 9-11 in Philly) is looking good. David Weber is going to be there (so if certain people decide not to come down with me, I can get books signed....). And there will be 3 LARP events during the weekend (1 new WOD vamp and 2 Call of Cuthulu- one 1890s and 1 1930s). Yay LARP....
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It's in Newburgh, NY the weekend of Oct 22-23. It's $20 for the weekend, with be a bunch of different games, including Eden Studios, Warhammer, other miniatures and Wargaming, Magic, Settlers, Arkham Horror, Slugfest, etc...

I've just let myself be roped into watching the general board/card games room from 12-4 on Saturday for a significant discount on my registration cost. I don't have to bring games, but I'll bring what I have (including our Looney Lab kit). The original guy they had to do this had to bow out when he was deployed to Iraq, and I was offered the job when I asked about doing a Mini Experiment for Looney Labs.

If you're able to come, let me know. I'm going to ask Marnen about possibly being able to provide crash space (but a lot of cleaning will have to take place before then, unless you bring a tent and lots of blankets. We also have a long-haired cat.).

Also... if you come down and there's a game you want to play I should be able to arrange a table (you might want to bring a copy of the game if you have it, apparently I won't have a set stock to go from).

I also know where a number of good restaurants are nearby.


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