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This list doesn't include the multiple forum and mailing list threads that I've come across as well.

Order of the Stick tribute to Gary Gygax
an icanhascheezeburger tribute
Something Positive (with a hit of Randy's sarcasm right at the end, which wouldn't be SP without it.)
Penny Arcade It's hard to get to, probably getting a lot of hits, but gods, it's fitting. (And again with a sarcastic edge, because, well, it's Tycho and Gabe)

Feel free to add others that you've found.
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The man generally considered to be the father of modern roleplaying games, Gary Gygax, passed away at the age of 69 this morning in his home. Link to local news station article

He founded TSR and published the first Dungeons & Dragons game the year before I was born.

I first started play D&D in late 1991 (IIRC). I did a small presentation in my senior year Public Speaking class [all dressed up with a newly made quarterstaff- I had a wizard character at the time].

There have been breaks in between, other roleplaying games that I've played with as well as LARPs, but for the past couple of years I've been playing D&D again, though Living Greyhawk.

Requiescat In Pace, to the original Dungeon Master. May you find some kick-ass games in the afterlife you've found.
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Ok, while I was playing at MEPACON, one of the modules I played was Forrest of Ribbons. It introduced me to a new area, the Dreadwood, and I'm very interested in this area. And I think my character is very interested as well. There's a meta-organization of players/characters based out of the Dreadwood called the Dreadwalkers.

I've contacted the person listed as the contact for the Dreadwalkers and asked about more information and what mods to play to get into more contact with the group in character.


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