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These were made closing weekend (I think) of the NY RenFaire in Tuxedo, NY this past year (2007).

Except for the one labeled "viol", I'm playing my tuppan in each of the videos. Some I can even been seen in, and in one (Horses' Bransle) you can even hear me speak!

For those who have never seen me, I'm the one in the black top with the baby bass drum (tuppan). My fiance, [ profile] marnen is playing the violin.
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other quick update first- Last weekend I went to the baby shower for [ profile] lilianafriendly and [ profile] curlyeric's little girl, who was born last week. Welcome Beverly Vera!

This weekend was the last weekend for the NY Ren Faire in Sterling Forest/Tuxedo, NY. I got in a lot of tupan playing, a few compliments too (including, "You've only been doing this for about a month? I wouldn't have known"). One of the vendors, Van Ness Studios is now doing wood carving and lathe turning. Andy made me a smaller beater to go with my drum (the one I got is larger than the drum itself), and it works wonderfully!

My brother Ed came down for Saturday- it was our birthday present for him (gas, getting in, food...).

Saturday night we ended up going to dinner with Paul, Olyssia, Scott (all from Karpathos), and some of the other Faire vendors/workers. In that grouo was the owners of The Neon Gargoyle, who had been so nice in letting us hang out (rain or shine) and store our stuff there between sets.

Because it looked like it could turn at any moment, we ended crashing up at the Stronghold on Saturday night (getting a chance to see [ profile] prisoner007) instead of trying to deal with a tent and the wet and the dark. Even though rain threatened... there were only a couple of drops here and there all weekend.

And twice during the little bit of visit time before everyone crashed [ profile] ioldanach and [ profile] marnen came up with the same line at the same time.

Marnen got a pony tail holder from Medieval Metal. I might order one later. As neat as a lot of the stuff was at the faire, there wasn't a lot that said "buy me or die". I might get boots from Renboots when I have the money though. Or wait until next year when I can try them on again... boots and me can be such a tricky thing.

I think I'm going to miss the Faire, and I look forward to the next season.

This week I have archery practice, a Rebekahs meeting, and Carla's baby shower/staying on Sunday at the Stronghold to finally meet [ profile] sagefemme11!!!
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Just busy enough at work that I can't really post.

I just happened to find pictures of me as Penny in the Call of Cuthulu Live game Six Demon Bag that I did back at Philcon 2005.

Anyone smoke cigars? I happened to get a freshly rolled (before my eyes) cigar when I was in NYC last night for a Fortunoff Girls' Night Out Bridal event. I found out that [ profile] rombarro will smoke cigars, but I won't see him until the end of October at MEPACon. More about the event later in the [ profile] sunmoon_wed journal.

This weekend Marnen and I will be at the Sterling Forest Ren Faire. I know some people are coming down. We're hoping that someone gets in touch with Ed (who doesn't have email access) and perhaps let him in on a potential car pool. I think he's planning on dance practice tonight.
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I'm in one of those "if it's not one thing it's another..." phases.

Ragnar )

Marnen )

The Computer named Jaenelle )

The Door that won't Work at Work )

Back up to Labor Day Weekend (that post in progress that am FINALLY finishing)

The Collection of Karpathos )

Labor Day Weekend 2006 in some Detail )
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2 multiple hundred dollar car repairs within one month
+ a screw up at the bank_______________________
not having the $ for Hunter's Moon

Also, If I don't go to Hunter's Moon, I can work Labor Day and get an extra 8 hours of pay.

I'm also re-thinking about going to Barleycorn, but since I should have the OT check for Labor Day in for then I might be able to swing it.

Since I was planning on going to the Ren Faire for closing weekend (which is the same weekend as the equestrian event in Concordia), I might not get a chance to see people in a SCAdian context until Ceilidh.

I will be up in September at least once (probably the last weekend at this point) for the usual hang out and visit my Aunt Glady who's in the nursing home in East Greenbush.
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Warning, these aren't cooked... so some of them are really dark

Marnen playing at the NY Ren Faire with Karpathos (and some other stuff at the Faire)

Cruxshadows Concert 9/24/05


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