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So, Mom's in the nursing home and [ profile] hopelrailmantic (my brother Ed) has moved to Albany. The trailer is still in Pittstown and Ed had been going out to check on things every so often. Now that it's warm, we have to finish getting stuff out of it so it can be broken down and scrapped.

So, Ed and I go out together last night to get stuff, pack some more.

Between Saturday (the last day he'd been there with Mom), someone(s) had broken in, messed up the place, and stole some of the stuff. Nothing of real value or would be hard to fence. As far as we can tell, since the place is a mess, all that they took some tools, a small air compressor Ed used for painting, some coins my dad had collected. And Dad's machete. (That's what upsets me off the most because that's one of things I had gone there to collect). They went through Mom's jewelry, but anything of value had already been taken by us months ago.

Calls made, police came by. [ profile] chickipu_no_oni came to pick me up (and brought dinner for Ed) so Ed could have something to eat since he decided to stay overnight in the trailer. He's going to get some wood today to he can re-seal the door they went through.

We and the police suspect it was kids, based on the things they took and the fact they went through Ed's comic books and adult entertainment magazines.

While none of it was worth anything... I close my eyes and just see the trashed living room, my old bedroom, Mom & Dad's bedroom, Ed's room, kitchen, Dad's workroom. The only room that didn't get trashed was the bathroom.

Ed and I got some stuff went into his car, primarily for me. Some of my Russia souveniers, the big mirror that matches my dresser, the (still working and just needs a new ribbon) Royal typewriter.
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Mom- she's out of the hospital and back in the nursing home to continue her rehab from the hip surgery, having had her gall bladder removed and no further complications! Thank the ever loving gods!!

Job- First day was today. Listened in on phone calls. Typical Help Desk first day stuff. Hopefully it won't take the usual 4-6 weeks to get my badge because of where the bathroom is I have to borrow a badge or get escorted just to get to the bathroom, much less back into the room we're training in.

Council of Five Nations- This coming weekend. Damn it, but it's the same weekend as Albacon (so I miss seeing people who are coming up for it like [ profile] purpura, miss seeing Anne McCaffery, but I'll be able to see Eric Flint this Thursday at Flights of Fantasy. At Council I'll be running a bit of Living Forgotten Realms (D&D 4e RPGA campaign), and maybe some Living Greyhawk (D&D 3.5 RPGA campaign), at Council.

Podcasts- I'm in the process of getting together the "Story So Far" for the next The Aurora Hunter chapter set up and recorded. I also submitted myself for a future contest for Horror Addicts. I seem to have left an impression on Emerian, the host for Horror Addicts after emailing her about Forever Knight....

Mom update

Sep. 30th, 2008 01:32 am
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They took the gall bladder out on Saturday. Usually it takes about 1 hour, and it took 2.25 hours for her. She also took longer to get out of the anesthesia then they expected, and they had to put her on oxygen after her O2 levels went too low.

So, today they noticed that bile was draining into the wrong area, so they went to put in a stent to cover the spot they took out the gall bladder. The bile duct was too narrow to do so, but thankfully not blocked. They're going to have to monitor her, see if the amount of drainage is too much or manageable (and decreasing). If it's too much, they'll have to operate with more invasive surgery again to try to patch up the area that is leaking bile.

In the meantime, she again woke up slower than they liked. And her O2 levels dropped again. And she seems to be holding onto too much fluid. So, she was going to go to regular care, then got moved to Progressive Care, then moved to Intensive Care.....

I'm going to go insane.
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Ok, so Mom's in Samaritan Hospital with a broken hip. She's in pain, but that's to be expected. They're going to operate on her on Friday. I don't have all the details yet, because I've not been home.

Why have I not been home?

I go a call from Marnen Sunday afternoon, with him asking me if I recall seeing his passport.

Long story made short- Marnen couldn't find his passport at home, in his car, or where he had been staying in Illinois. Yesterday we had to run to NYC for Marnen to get a copy of his birth certificate (which resulted in me driving in downtown Manhattan for the first time). Today we're in CT getting a new one done so he can make a new flight to England (since he missed last night's flight because he didn't have his passport). The new flight is Thursday evening.

So, I do get more time with Marnen, who's been in Illinois for a couple of months working at a theater festival, before he goes to England for the rest of the month, but I didn't want all of this... running around, bother, and tsuris.
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Ok, Mom's got a senior apartment in Troy to move into on July 1st. When she first started the paperwork last week, she was told it would be 6 weeks on the first set of applications before she could even really consider which place to try and move into.

She can move into an apartment in the Burns Apartments on July 1.

Ed's in shell shock. He might be able to carry the rent himself on the trailer for a month while he looks for his own place.

One thing about being unemployed, I can go help Mom with cleaning and packing.

It will be good since she'll be around a lot of people her age. Then again, it's the first time she'll be living alone since she married my Dad. Come to think of it, I think she lived with her parents before that. So she's 74 years old and about to live on her own for the first time.
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Sunday through Wednesday morning- a trip to and stay at Samaritan, including a stress test with abnormalities in the results, a heart catherization that found two partial blockages in one artery.
Wednesday- a trip to Albany Med and two textbook stents later...

as long as she did well overnight Mom should be able to go home today.

In Memoriam

Nov. 9th, 2007 12:10 pm
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Gladys Mary Cady
January 23, 1923 - November 9, 2006

Still miss you.
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I'm curious.

To those who are clansmen/women of Celtic families/clans:
What sort of relationship does one need to have to "claim" (for the lack of a better word) a clan heritage?

I've done some digging, and my maternal line great-grandmother appears to be of mixed Scottish and Irish blood and named Elizabeth Lamont. Lamont is one of the Scottish Highland clans (which settled into Conwal from Ireland).

I'm interested in checking this out, but is my blood "too diluted" to consider looking seriously into this?

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I just found out that my Aunt Joyce (mom's brother's wife), passed away yesterday. Now, I've not been as close to her and my Uncle Bob as I was with my Aunt Glady, but since my father passed away I've seen them more often, including dinner a few times with Marnen.

She's had intestinal problems for a very long time, and took a turn for the worse and possibly needed a liver transplant. They figured that they had enough time with a couple of smaller surgies to get her healthy enough to be able to take a transplant.

Her heart gave out instead.

The wake is on Sunday, and the funeral is on Monday. Ironically, I had already taken Monday off to finish moving/setting up stuff.
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It'll be a different day. And I'll be heading down to the Stronghold after work to visit for the night and recharge a little before meeting up with my mom and brother for more packing.

Need to remember to get boxes- we ran out while packing the kitchen and haven't gotten the dishes packed yet. Still have the dining room and the living room to do.

And I'm hoping not to get a phone call. Or at least if I do it's not bad news. My Aunt Joyce (my maternal uncle's wife) is on her way to a hospital in NYC (Mt. Sinai I think) and is high on the liver transplant list. Now, while I haven't been nearly as close to her as I was with my Aunt Glady, I still don't want to lose someone else in my family.

Between that and the feeling like I'm fighting that I'm just a fat, ugly, dumb, no-taste trailer-trash nobody makes me very interested in tomorrow getting here.
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Wednesday night [ profile] marnen and I are going to New Haven, CT for the vegetarian Thanksgiving with Bernie (Marnen's dad), Sally (Bernie's girlfriend), James (Sally's son), and Audrey (James's girlfriend). I'm not sure if anyone else is going to be there- it's possible.

Thursday we will be at the Stronghold for dinner with the group there (with the addition of at least [ profile] purpura's parents). Note to self: cheeses and pickles and olives.

Friday, I have off. Have to figure out with Marnen if that means we head up to Albany/Pittstown during the day or sleep in and wait for later.

Saturday is big move stuff for my aunt's place. We're still looking for some people to help out.

Sunday Marnen has a rehearsal in NYC and I might have a Penny Social, where I get to tell my Rebekahs Lodge that I have to step down as Nobel Grand because I'm moving, and that I won't be able to take District Deputy President the next two years like we were talking about.
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on one level, having the extra $ and time off would be good... but with Aunt Glady passing away having the day off so I can deal with her house stuff is extremely good.
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I was waiting until I had told my manager before making a wider announcement.

I have a new job starting in a couple of weeks and I'll be moving back to the Albany area.

The job is all [ profile] chickipu_no_oni's fault... which goes back to being [ profile] rhysab's fault. I'll be joining the tier 2 team working at GE Global Research in Niskayuna. I just gave my two weeks notice here... so as long as the background check and drug test turn out ok, I'll be starting there around Dec. 4th. And some time after that (depending on how long the search takes), I'll be moving back upstate. Marnen will be joining me too.
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So I spent most of three days going through my Aunt's place, sorting and packing stuff up.

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Aunt Glady

Nov. 9th, 2006 11:41 am
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I just got word... she's not responding
I called to the nursing home and the nurse said even if I were to run up there she might not be around by the time I got up there.
So I'm getting my stuff together, calming down, and getting ready to head to my place first. Pack, that sort of thing, then head up to Albany.
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I do get bereavement days when my aunt passes on. I should play the flex hour game so I can do things like leave early on Friday or for other almost false alarms, but I don't have to panic on being able to do things like pack up the house and such.
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when Aunt Glady passes on.

I'm also towards the end of my paid time off (I have some time left over from having worked extra on weeks and used that to offset a day off- my boss is checking just how many hours I have to play with).

I do have the option of getting 3 days from working Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas.... I was planning on working the other two days anyway, but working Thanksgiving itself was not on my initial plan of action. But in the light of things- [ profile] purpura and the rest of the Stronghold... I'll probably be late for Thanksgiving dinner.

I can work extra during the week to also help offset any time off, but that can only be used to the same week. And right now they don't have the stats sucking to the point where I could get paid overtime. So say I get 8 extra hours M-Th, I'd *have* to take Friday off. Or work a partial day off on Friday if I don't make up a full 8 hours M-Th.

And I don't dare get sick myself... whatever time I do have I need to be saving for my aunt/aftermath.

So tired....
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This past Tuesday Marnen and I went to Zach & Erica's house to meet up with them, Rosalee, Brooke, and Heather (who I didn't know was going to be there until she arrived) for a Samhain hangout with small ritual.  It was what I needed.

During the hang out Heather was really suggesting the Alien Nation goth night.

Since I've ended up here for the weekend, I was planning on going, thinking that I was needed the... distraction, release... what have you.  But I crashed and fell asleep instead.

I'm planning on going home tonight, unless my aunt passes away today.  She's just lingering enough that I'm not sure what to do, but I don't have the time off from work to just be able to stay.

Yesterday was rough.  When she finally woke up enough to realize we were there... she may have recognized Ed, or confused him for her brother that passed away in 1941.  It took her asking 3 times to remember who I was (she still can't hear), then spent 5 minutes in horror asking why she didn't remember my name at first.
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So I happen to be at work late, logged off the phone and just futzing around, when I get a call from my mom.  The nursing home had called and my aunt had taken a turn for the worse.  So I ran home, making calls along the way, and took the next train up because I didn't feel steady enough to drive.
Jon picked me up from the train station and brought me to the nursing home.

Aunt Glady was in a Bad State.  Waves of pain where she seemed to stop breathing, face and body scrunched up in such way that I wept to see her hurting so much.  There were times where she was begging for God to make the pain go away.  Other times she was begging for the three of us to go home.  Apparently just before I got there she was telling Mom and Ed to go home because it wasn't safe there.  And she couldn't hear us.  The times she had her eyes open and was aware that we were there, if we spoke to her she could see our lips move but couldn't hear us speaking.

And this morning?  Awake, aware, able to hear, and asking questions.

This yo-yo-ing isn't good for her.  Isn't good for me either.  I'm just so exhausted, physically and mentally, and I'm not the one going through all the pain.

Apparently, nights for her are usually bad... something like a case of night terrors.  If this was just the same thing, then it started at 3:30pmish instead of at night.  I want to see if this is going to be a more frequent trend.

Still in Watervliet.  About to go get lunch and then watch another episdoe of Torchwood before visiting my aunt and getting home.


Oct. 16th, 2006 09:54 pm
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Basic Update: My aunt is still alive. I'm sick... as in the coughing, stuffy head, chest congested, raw throat, voice sounding like sandpaper type of sick. And 4 days away from LJ = a long time to catch up.

Detailed update:
Thursday night I went and was part of the District Staff that installed my own Rebekahs lodge. (I'm the District Chaplain... yes, the pagan woman got asked to be the Chaplain). I had a surprise when four of the ladies from Rensseleaer District, including the NY Assembly Warden, came down for it.

During this meeting is when my throat started to get sore.

Friday morning I wake up and my throat is even sorer, and I'm coughing a little. I helped [ profile] marnen clear out his car, then headed up to East Greenbush to visit my Aunt. She's not doing good. She's not eating solid food again, and at times was having trouble even swallowing water.

Friday evening Ed met up with me, and we had dinner with Neffi, [ profile] tetsujinnooni, and [ profile] chickipu_no_oni at Garcia's. I also started my laundry somewhere before going out and finished it that night.

Saturday morning Ed picked me up and we went apple picking with a whole bunch of people. Well, it seems that we got there first I think. Ed and I each got a bag of apples. Johnagolds are incredible apples, tastey and HUGE. We also picked up some cider and other stuff at the barn store. We then stopped off at the nursing home but Aunt Glady was sound asleep. We left her her reading glasses (Ed had fixed them) and a piece of maple sugar candy, which should disolve enough for her to be able to eat.

Saturday evening Ed went back to the apple party, I ended up with a migraine. So I went back to the Halfway House and slept. Then dranks lots of peppermint tea with lemon and honey while watching some eposides of House. OMG I love this series.

Sunday, we all slept late. I felt even worse. I realize that I'm not going to get going in time to hit the Wool and Sheep Festival in Rhinebeck. At some point we went to Pearl of the Orient over in Loudonville for food. Hot & Sour soup is good for sick people. Right after eating, I felt a wave of heat come over me and I got flushed... oh great. A Fever.

So it was back to the Halfway House for more and more peppermint tea, a couple more episodes of House. I decided to crash there, with the hopes that I would feel better

Monday at about 3am, after having woken up a few times already, I made the decision there was no way I was going to make it into work so I called into the automated system and took the day off.

Today I tried to sleep in, kept feeding myself tea, and watched Logan's Run. Then Tersha and I met Jon for lunch. Ruby Tuesdays now has these mini hamburgers, and a combo of 2 minis, a small amount of fries, and the salad bar. The minis were good, the fries just enough, and the whole package actually reasonable for lunch. Then I got the car inspected at the Adorondack Tire place in Schenectady where Tersha's gone a number of times and has a good rapport with the mechanics. I had to get new windshield wiper blades (not just a refill), and I'll need to get someone to look at the breaks when I get my next check. Then after a quick Sam's Club stop for Tersha, and then I dropped her off at the Halfway House and then headed home.


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