Mar. 27th, 2006 09:30 am
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Ok, so I didn't pass my authorization attempt. I forgot to use my left hand, kept hitting the same place/making the same attack, and didn't back up/get out of the way when rushed. The marshals told me to try even in a fencing practice or two, but there's not enough marshalls at any practice I could get to reasonably. JP even invited me up to Concordia's practice to try, but having to be back down here and able to be at work at 7:30 am... I don't think that will work. (But my mom's getting cataract surgery, so if the schedule works out I might be able to swing it).

I picked up a copy of The Good Housewife's Jewel by Thomas Dawson. Published in 1596.

Brid's Tyger of the East went well. Darius started out with calling for an Irish woman and it went from there.

Gallery of pics from the event.

Ok, can someone tell me why this happens- I look at the camera screen and the pictures are more visible than when I upload them from the camera and then to a website?
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I don't recall getting hit that hard in the shoulder, but it wasn't there before practice on 3/8/06.

It looks like I might be moving to another practice. Word is that Pierre (from Concordia) will be coming down to Nordenhall's practice to work with the fencers there. So my hour one way commute to practice would turn into 45 minute round trip commute and I could stop at home first if I'm not working OT and grab food.

It's on Wednesdays, which would mean that I wouldn't be going to Danbury and still have the conflict with the local meetings for Frosted Hills.

However, Garrick's looking into getting the room we practice in for another night and shifting our practice, which means I could throw in an extra practice in here and there and practice with that crew too.

With going to Mudthaw, I'm looking to try and authorize. I have to study the new Kingdom rules for the quiz part. I've run through a couple of mock quals and have been told that I'll do fine as long as I keep calm and confident. I think the phrase was "You know your stuff, just don't spook yourself," last night during practice. I'm also thinking of skipping A&S this month to get one more practice in before Mudthaw (since we won't have a practice that week before because the college is on spring break).
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Last night I went to traffic court in Wappingers for the ticket I got back on 10/6 for failing to stop for a stopped school bus.
First they went through the people who missed the first summons.
Then they went through the people for whom this was their first summons.
Then they started the people who had sent in the ticket because they couldn't make the inital summons.

I was in this last group. Out of the final 4, I was called last (but there was a kid before me that apparently had a few things to go over, so his lawyer and parents asked to be postponed long enough for the judge to get through the rest of us quickly).

The conversation went like this-
Judge: Do you know that you're supposed to stop for a stopped school bus?
Me: Yes sir.
Judge: Do you know that it is a $250 fine *minimumn* for failing to stop for a school bus?
Me: Yes sir.
[Judge pauses for about two minutes, looking at papers and making notes.]
Judge: Will you stop for stopped school buses in the future?
Me: Yes sir.
Judge: Then I'll dismiss this.
Me: Thank you sir.

I got a message that the room we use for fencing practice is booked, so I'm to hit the gym instead. Probably after going with Marnen to the mall to get cell phones (yes, it looks like we're finally doing it).
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I got the fencing equipment on Friday. Basically, a "I'm not using this any more and am not likely to use it again" email went out on the Concordia list and I snagged it- a fencing bag, a mask, and a jacket. The mask has a drape that matches the jacket. The jacket needs some work on it (it's too large for me), and needs at least a couple more more layers to make it puncture resistant (otherwise I'd have to wear it over the jacket I have from [ profile] sunatrya.

Saturday I went to see the production of Pirates of Penzance that [ profile] marnen was the musical director for at Mt. St. Vincent's College. It was interesting... the kids apparently came a *long* way and it was an ok performance. The audience was small and apparently I was the only one that could be heard laughing at the jokes (as opposed to the physical humor). Afterwards I had dinner with some of the orchestra (not Marnen though, he had to go to NJ for a contra dance).

Yesterday I joined All-Sport Poughkeepsie/Ulster and spent a while in the gym. I'm more sore today than when I went with [ profile] ciaranmacleod, but that's partially because some of the weights on the circuit were increased and I was on the elliptical machine for longer beforehand.

I also started going through and doing laundry. Basically washing so I can sort out the stuff I don't fit into (because it's too small) to distribute appropriately and pack away the summer clothes. Man I have a lot of black clothes and blue/green clothes (about 4 loads each).
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but it's a good sore. I went to All Sport Poughkeepsie with [ profile] ciaranmacleod. I had a good time, even though I had to cut it short because of my Rebekahs meeting (which went very very long). I'm a little sore, my upper right arm particularly (but I also went to fencing practice on Wednesday).

the icon is part of a screen shot from Puzzle Pirates. I'm waiting on a gown skirt of blue and green.

This weekend I'll be at Ceilidh, and I'll be bringing [ profile] hopelrailmantic with me.
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Thanks to the overtime, I was able to afford to go up to Albany this past weekend and finally see the in concert at Valentine's. [ profile] marnen couldn't make it because he had a gig in Staten Island on Saturday, then a English Country dance in Ridgewood on Sunday.

Friday night- Garcias and Firefly )

Saturday early afternoon- Rebekahs with Mom )

Later Saturday Afternoon- Finding a Ghost )

Saturday Early Evening- picking up Katie and getting fencing stuff )

Saturday Evening- Getting ready for the concert, aka Who's that? )

Saturday Night- The Concert itself )

Saturday Night- after the concert, book signing and pictures )

Sunday- Getting home, finishing Ghost )

And now that I've finished gushing, I'm about to run to the store to get food to make tonight- tofu with peanut sauce over veggies.

Pictures to follow.
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Since there wasn't much of anything going on at A&S, I ditched it and went to Fencing practice. I had to stop on the way to practice and get a better pair of shoes (since all I had was dress shoes that slide on the floor). I found a pair of sneakers on sale (at a very low price too, even cheaper than the $20 Reebok's and Adidas) with steel toes.

I got a little frustrated here and there when my body wasn't doing what I wanted it to (but had a couple of moments where my body moved and I didn't have to think about it). However, the drills did go a little smoother... and we started some drills on the off hand (left for me).

Then when we went into a rotating list I forced myself to use my left hand if I lost my right arm the rest of the night. I caught a nice trust to the left hand because I wasn't holding my arm right (too high up and not tucked to protect the hand).

We also did a little bit of melee work at the end.

Last night it was Garrick, Allen, Eric (who's been fencing with the group for a few years but who hasn't gone to an event and/or authorized). Basha and John weren't able to make it.
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I liked fencing practice.

Garrick is really cool, and seems to be a good teacher. The others at practice (I remember Basha & John for certian, and 2 others, Adam? and Derrick?) are also cool.

After some beginning drill work and instruction, we had 2 lists rotating. Then some melee work. It gave me a good feeling to do this.

Dancing is helping a lot with some of the footwork. Go figure... ;)

I'm going back. But the practice runs against the shire meetings (Business and A&S, the first and third Wednesdays respectively), so I have to wait a week. But I have a dowel that I can use for some of the hand drills in the meantime.

And I'm supposed to be asleep, but I'm a little wired....
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Ok, I've been interested in fencing for a while, and now that I've dropped the 56+ pounds and can move easier, I figured that it might be a good time to start.

I've known for a while that my shire doesn't have any fighters in it really, heavy or light. So I know that I might have to go a bit afield to get to one.

So far, the closest practices may be Milford, NJ (Rusted Woodlands) and Ostgardr (NYC). There might be a practice starting up in Kingston (Nordenhalle), but Don Pierre wasn't sure when, where, or if it would start.


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