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Council of Five Nations XXX: Oct 5-7 )

MEPACON Fall 2007: Nov 2-4 )
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Gnostica LARP

There is no regular website for the company that I can find.
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Just busy enough at work that I can't really post.

I just happened to find pictures of me as Penny in the Call of Cuthulu Live game Six Demon Bag that I did back at Philcon 2005.

Anyone smoke cigars? I happened to get a freshly rolled (before my eyes) cigar when I was in NYC last night for a Fortunoff Girls' Night Out Bridal event. I found out that [ profile] rombarro will smoke cigars, but I won't see him until the end of October at MEPACon. More about the event later in the [ profile] sunmoon_wed journal.

This weekend Marnen and I will be at the Sterling Forest Ren Faire. I know some people are coming down. We're hoping that someone gets in touch with Ed (who doesn't have email access) and perhaps let him in on a potential car pool. I think he's planning on dance practice tonight.
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Stolen from from [ profile] spearman

(Un)motivational Poster for Roleplayers
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So, after talking with Marnen and sorted out the fact that yes, we'd both like to run D&D in the future (and likely Living Greyhawk modules) I ordered the Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual from

I opted for the free shipping, which had a delivery estimate of 5/16/06.

They came in today's mail.


but I have to go to sleep now.... so I can't bounce too much.

We have a copy of the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer on order as well and it's been shipped, and it's on it's way.
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I ran a Vampire LARP a couple of years ago. I started with a Brujah Prince by the name of Justine (and I used her until the group was stable enough to withdraw and end up with that backstabbing Tremere as Prince... hee hee ... by someone who wasn't me and handed over the Storyteller slot to Gare so I could just *play*).

I think I'm going to resurrect her and play her from scratch if I for the Albany Cam game and see how she works.
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Ok... major decision time...

There will be three LARPs at Philcon- A weekend long Vampire: The Requiem session with the Camarilla, and two Call of Cuthulu Live sessions (one 1890s and one 1930s).

Do I want to hook up with the Camarilla, or do I want to play Cuthulu (which looks like it will also be a play test it for the unreleased 3rd Edition rules)?

I'm going to email the Cuthulu people to see if there's still room, which may be a deciding factor.

I've put in a trial membership for the Cam, and will check out the Albany game (I'll head up for the 12/3 session). If the Albany game doesn't work, then there's a NYC game too.

Or if I can find a # of people in the between-no-man's-land like me, start another group around here.
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ok, it's in Puzzle Pirates, but I'm getting my own ship... *grin*
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I love this world...

my primary Priate's name on the Midnight Ocean (the only one I'm on now) is Collwen.

going to bed now though...


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