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This is a Public Service announcement for those around Poughkeepsie/Wappinger's Falls (or anyone passing by enough that the detour makes sense).

The former Getty on Rt. 9 (now a Lukoil) had gas this morning at $2.86 a gallon for the 87 grade.

Thank you.
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it cost me $47.50 to fill up the gas tank. And that was at the cheapest price that I saw, where they also had gas (I did see 2.71, but they were out). Even where I went (The Stop N Shop with was $3.15 before the card, so I got it for $3.10) seemed to be running out. The pumps were so slow it took me about 30 minutes or more to fill the tank. And that was with the attendant stopping the pumps for 30 second increments to allow the tanker that was filling the pumps time to get some gas into their tanks before we pumped it into ours.

No way can I afford that multiple times in one week (which is usually what happens when I go to Albany).

I'll be bussing or training it until/if things calm down. Not this weekend though... trying to camp when getting off a bus is horrific.
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they expect it to hit $4 eventually:

worst-case scenario that puts average prices for regular unleaded gasoline at about $3.50 a gallon for the next four to six months. -- best-case scenario, retail pump prices to peak at $3 a gallon for a couple of months, but then fall back to around $2.50 by year-end
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the "just 10 minutes" on the alarm of Marnen's Palm Pilot ended up being put in wrong, so I didn't get out the door in time to stop off and get gas first. I'll have to get it on the way home (but that gives me time to hit the farmers' market near to where the gas station is).

We also had a power outage in the neighborhood. I'm not sure what time it started, but it cleared up just at 5:30 am.
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good gods, it would be the first Hunters' I'll miss since I started the SCA back in 1993. Even the weekend I was moving out of my apartment (mostly into a storage unit) to move here to Poughkeepsie I went to Hunters' in the evenings and left from there Monday morning to move here...

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Good gods... what are the gas prices like up your way? Today I say a 20+ cent raise from when I went to work to when I came back home. According to it may get even worse and be over $3 by the weekend.

As it is, I'll be getting up early to go to the big Stop and Shop that has a gas station (5 cents off a gallon with shopper's card) before they go up again by
the time I get out of work.

With that, I'm not sure if Marnen and I will make it to Hunters' Moon. We have to talk about it. It might just be too blarging expensive.

And with that, if some people re-consider coming to Barleycorn, I'd be dissapointed to not see you, but fully understanding.


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