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So, we got in the rental car and headed to Steve's house. I double checked the directions, and after a phone call confirmed that we had gone past Steve's exit by over 20 miles when we had the accident.

We got directions to backtrack and got to Steve's house, picked him up, and we got to Gettysburg around 1:30 pm. The next slot was at 2pm.

Due to slots running late, I ended up not eating anything other than some pretzels, Combos (R), and soda until James' game ended early and he ran to the local KFC.

The con is very good and I plan on going there again next year. Goeff mods are unusual, and I got the 3 newest Keoland mods under my belt.

I got home with Jon and Tersha at 3-somthing AM on Monday morning, to find a "move it or we tow" notice on my car.

So, I strained my back digging out the car. I'm on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds for a few days.
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[note: I thought I had posted this yesterday]

Edit: Some stuff has been reworded because I might just found out that I not be able to officially talk about it until after I had made the post.

Plus- I'm better. The cold/whatever it was started breaking up Friday evening.

Plus- Car search has been started.

Minus- While I was sick it was announced that there will be changes to my job.

Plus- My company is looking out for me and others effected by the above minus *crossing fingers and praying to appropriate gods, and still working on my A+ cert classes in the meantime*

Plus- MEPACON is this weekend.

Plus- My friend David is visiting from Buffalo and we're getting together with others on Halloween (most likely Wednesday night) for hanging out/ritual.
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... wait. I'm sick. The only reason I even went in was for a 7am meeting.

Tersha can work from home, since she's accounts administration. So I gave my team lead the status of my tickets and I'm now at the Halfway House in bed with a mug of Theraflu cooling down to drinking temperature.
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So I went to see Martha (one of the PAs) at the practice that was recommended to me. She's very nice.

My TSH for my thyroid is off. This is not a surprise to me. It's actually not as far off as it could be, considering how long it has been since I've been on medication for it. Martha gave me a few weeks of samples for the levothyroxine sodium (aka Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid, Unithroid) and just before they're done I need to go in and get my blood taken to see how my body and TSH levels are adjusting.

There's a big saftey kick going on at work, so I have a voucher to get a pair of saftey shoes for work.

And the house phone is fixed. Let me know if you want the number- however, it will usually be easier to get ahold of me on my cell phone.

ps- Becca- how's this icon?
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Which are in part inspired by [ profile] chickipu_no_oni!

She mentioned that we can get a discount to join Curves via our health insurance.

I've made a few phone calls to the different locations around work, and we're going to check out a few of them. We're also looking at our schedules but we should be able to do one of the three days a week together, which should help both of us stick with it all.

Does anyone else in the Albany area go to Curves and would like to comment on their location?

I've also put in to get replacement cards for the little purchase card I've signed up for (and have been adding to from my paycheck) for things like medications. I'm trying to contact the group that has my vision plan (because I need a replacement card) but their customer service line has a message that they're closed due to an emergancy. I've sent an email- perhaps they have a backup group that's not in the same location that answers emails.

[edit- and now with a new icon for health related stuff!]
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Ok, now that I have a place to live up here, I'm finally starting to arrange things. Like doctor's appointments.

I have a regular checkup scheduled for the 16th, and they're sending me the paperwork so I can get my blood work for my thyroid done before the appointment.

I've called and left a message for an OBGyn that was recommended to me, and I asked if they would want to wait for me to get onto the thyroid meds first or if I should just go ahead and schedule with them.

I also need to arrange to see the dentist fairly soon.
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First off all, with yesterday off I'm slogging through LJ for updates... and just found out that [ profile] ragnarwolf is in the hospital for tests. Candle lit is in my mind and good thoughts all along.

My Aunt
Because the aids picked up my aunt to take a shower and had closed the door, they had the conference without us. We did get to talk to one of the main nurses, and she's going to set it up so they call me after the future ones instead of having to take the day off.

She's eating a little bit more. We've given the nurses a list of foods she likes in hopes that this will encourage her to eat more. The nurse is also going to get the speech therapist into the works to see if there is something physical interfering with her being able to swallow.

This weekend
Just found out that some of the people I was trying to see at Southern Region aren't going to be there... and since that was going to be the primary reason to go... Now considering on not going to SRWC. The Stronghold could use a hand, and Jack's birthday party is Sunday. Also, [ profile] zimarra is about to leave for AmeriCorps and it's her last weekend in Albany....

So might go over Friday to the Stronghold, stay the morning, then go up to Albany for Shirra's goodbye, then have more of the day Sunday to make it up to Glens Falls without having to worry about breaking down a tent and packing...
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Rest of the weekend update to come soon.

I have no idea what to do.

They were able to get an IV in her for a couple of days. Ed said that the improvement was dramatic- go figure, her body was actually able to get hydration and nutrients.

But then, to find out, the IV was hurting her. She didn't say anything because she "didn't want to cause any trouble." That phrase in itself is a sign that she was getting back to herself.

So they took the IV out. So there goes the reliable source of hydration and nutrition.

And the doctors told her she would not be able to go back home.

So, I'm trying to get a straight answer. What is the prognosis? Are they going to have to hook her up to a bunch of tubes (although if part of the problem is that she was throwing up anything going into her stomach I don't see how a feeding tube is going to help...), then I know that's not what she wants. Which means we may have to call in for Hospice, to try to do something to make this the least painful for her, because death by dehydration/starvation is slow and painful and not what I want for her either.

And with Ed and I being the health care proxies... it might come down to us making the decision.
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It seems that her potassium bottomed out and caused havock on her digestive system.  Also, some mention of her body not taking to well to the mix of drugs that they have her on right now had been mentioned.

They even sent her back home last night. 
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I found out that yes, I'm on my aunt's paperwork at the convalescent home as a health care proxy (we didn't think I was at first), so I have a meeting next Wednesday up in Lansingburg to start the "what are we going to do next" dialog.

Possible options on this one include finding a permanent nursing home.

I'm planning on taking the train up, and I'll take the earlier train so if someone picks me up I can make it to B5 night with the Halfway House crowd ([ profile] tetsujinnooni, [ profile] chickipu_no_oni, [ profile] hotspurre, [ profile] auntiegrizelda, [ profile] zimarra, and some others).

I'll take the train back right after the meeting on Wednesday (because I have stuff to do down here that night- like, oh, PACK for Roses).
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ok... so I'm no longer in *pain* like I was this morning. I've kept my food down... but I have this knot of tension right in my chest... the pressure of the gastritis waiting like a vulture.

I'm not sure if I should go to the gym and possibly aggravate something.
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I'm in the middle of a mini gastritis attack. It didn't start until I was in the car and part of the way to work. So far, no nausea, so I dry swallowed a pepcid in the car and now remember medicinal use of soda #2- ginger ale (since the machine doesn't have seltzer) for gastritis (if it doesn't get too bad for that step first).

When I get here, I get a call from my Mom. Ok, so my Aunt Glady doesn't eat like the hospitals think she should. She doesn't eat three big meals a day. She eats a little here and there. This has been her eating habit for years. But she's not really been able to eat or when she does eat she's not really able to hold it down.

There's a meeting next week (already planned) to discuss/decide on the long term care plan. I've decided not to go, so I can save the day off in case things take a really bad turn- which as things are going is a distinct possibility. Ed's got the day off, and he will be there. (Mom will be there as well, but it's Ed that I'll be talking to after the meeting).

Now... she's 83. She's been in some level of bad health since as long as I can remember.

People don't live forever.

But I don't want to lose her.

But I don't want her to be in pain.
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So, last night I had a lovely talk with a "wellness coach"- the result of the health screening I did back in April. I have 6 sessions total with the coach/mentor. It was a nice talk, and I set a goal of going to the gym Thursday morning before work for the next three weeks (the gym now opens at 5am, making this possible).

I then met Marnen at Umami for dinner. And we talked and ate. It was good, up until the end. I noticed that it was late, and got hit with "oh my gods, look at the time, I have this to do, and that to do, and something else to do..."

Turning me into a little stress kitten.

I got home, and used the new printer/scanner combo to scan the model bylaws for my Rebekahs Lodge, and got all the text right (some words like financial got mangled), and got our Lodge's modifications to the model done. Then I tried to turn in early, because my body was sore from my workout on Sunday, and my brain was crispy.

Today I've split the list of places to call and inquire about venues between Marnen and me (probably something I should have done a while ago).

I'm also in the process of emailing the people for the Meet & Greet lunch to begin the food coordination process.

I need to get a list together of the other stuff (including Roses prep) and *not* freak out about the list.
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Easter Weekend was good. )

Monday was Monday. )

Tuesday and Katie's Birthday )

This morning- Health Assement and Chair Massage )

They're also giving out pine seedlings for Earth Day at the cafeteria.

Now for the rest of the day.

Sunday (04-23) will be my 5th anniversary on LJ.


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