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Mom- she's out of the hospital and back in the nursing home to continue her rehab from the hip surgery, having had her gall bladder removed and no further complications! Thank the ever loving gods!!

Job- First day was today. Listened in on phone calls. Typical Help Desk first day stuff. Hopefully it won't take the usual 4-6 weeks to get my badge because of where the bathroom is I have to borrow a badge or get escorted just to get to the bathroom, much less back into the room we're training in.

Council of Five Nations- This coming weekend. Damn it, but it's the same weekend as Albacon (so I miss seeing people who are coming up for it like [ profile] purpura, miss seeing Anne McCaffery, but I'll be able to see Eric Flint this Thursday at Flights of Fantasy. At Council I'll be running a bit of Living Forgotten Realms (D&D 4e RPGA campaign), and maybe some Living Greyhawk (D&D 3.5 RPGA campaign), at Council.

Podcasts- I'm in the process of getting together the "Story So Far" for the next The Aurora Hunter chapter set up and recorded. I also submitted myself for a future contest for Horror Addicts. I seem to have left an impression on Emerian, the host for Horror Addicts after emailing her about Forever Knight....
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A) Apparently, back at an interview I had in June for a state Helpdesk contract it went so well that I was one of the ones selected. But then it had to go through state processes and such. Apparently, it was rejected and had to be re-submitted. Now, the rejection was not due to something with me, but since Patterson took over every state agency is scrutinizing every contract bid with a microscope and this particular agency has rejected and had to re-submit a lot more contacts than before. And with Patterson's announcement about tightening belts in budgets, it's even worse. So, I do have the job, as soon as the paperwork processes and they can give me a start date. But, it's state paperwork, so goddess knows how long it will take. The recruiter is thinking maybe another 2 weeks.

B) The radiator hose on my Volvo broke last night. I had just pulled out of a Stewarts and onto Rt. 2 in Troy (heading onto Rt. 66 to go to a D&D game in the not-quite-Wynanskill area) when there was a pop and a billow of coolant scented smoke. Got through the light and immediately pulled over. Turned the engine off, looked under the hood, and a hose is cracked open. I had a full tank of coolant, and I don't think even a full minute went by, so the engine should be fine.

Something inside *me* broke and I was pretty much bawling for 10 minutes straight (with slight breaks) while our friends at the destination house for the game came and picked Jon and I up.

It shouldn't be too expensive of a fix, and may even be able to be done by someone with a clue and a new hose, but, with the lack of job for an uncertain amount of time, Marnen pretty broke and in England, I'm not sure what the hell I'm going to do.
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Ok, so the interview went well yesterday. I happened to be the first of the group and they've got interviews scheduled throughout the week. So... keeping my fingers crossed.

I have a webcam that I got back in Poughkeepsie for my windows desktop (which isn't working at the moment). I'm trying to get it to work on my iBook... but macam isn't recognizing it and I've not been able to find another program to use.

Any of the Mac users out there have a suggestion?

Job hopes

Mar. 12th, 2008 01:46 pm
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In general, things have sucked. I watch different lists and such like a hawk. Nothing comes up that I've not already found or are out of the area.

One of the original interviews I went on a while ago was for a state contract that I knew wasn't starting until this month. I kept checking in, but there was no news.

I just got a call- I'm in the top group of candidates and start the next round of interviews on next Monday, at 10 am.

So, calling for good karma, well wishes, appropriate sacrifices to appropriate gods, etc.
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[note: I thought I had posted this yesterday]

Edit: Some stuff has been reworded because I might just found out that I not be able to officially talk about it until after I had made the post.

Plus- I'm better. The cold/whatever it was started breaking up Friday evening.

Plus- Car search has been started.

Minus- While I was sick it was announced that there will be changes to my job.

Plus- My company is looking out for me and others effected by the above minus *crossing fingers and praying to appropriate gods, and still working on my A+ cert classes in the meantime*

Plus- MEPACON is this weekend.

Plus- My friend David is visiting from Buffalo and we're getting together with others on Halloween (most likely Wednesday night) for hanging out/ritual.
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It's a web development job in a shop that primarily uses Macs (they have a couple of windows machines lying around just to test browser compatibility). They're paying him well, and while it's contract to hire, the contract company starts benefits from day one. He can work from home one day a week right off the bat and they want him to start on Tuesday. They are working around the fact that next week he's back in California (Santa Cruz) for 2 weeks.

There is one major catch.

The job is in White Plains.

Anyone know of someone down that way who has a room or small apartment for rent? He can stay with his dad in Mt. Kisco on a short term basis, but his dad's place is effectively a studio so it won't work for long term.

I'm still keeping the apartment (we found one and are working on the details about when we're moving in and stuff) and my job up here. So, in a way, we're continuing the situation of the past 7 months, with the only difference being that it's cheaper to have the main apartment/storage for things like the concert grand piano, up here in Albany.
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I just got the email from the recruiter that is facilitating my paperwork that yes, I do start on Monday, Dec 4.

In other news, I was going to go over to the Stronghold tonight for dinner, but [ profile] ioldanach is sick and I can't afford to get sick as I'm starting a new job.
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I was waiting until I had told my manager before making a wider announcement.

I have a new job starting in a couple of weeks and I'll be moving back to the Albany area.

The job is all [ profile] chickipu_no_oni's fault... which goes back to being [ profile] rhysab's fault. I'll be joining the tier 2 team working at GE Global Research in Niskayuna. I just gave my two weeks notice here... so as long as the background check and drug test turn out ok, I'll be starting there around Dec. 4th. And some time after that (depending on how long the search takes), I'll be moving back upstate. Marnen will be joining me too.
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Easter Weekend was good. )

Monday was Monday. )

Tuesday and Katie's Birthday )

This morning- Health Assement and Chair Massage )

They're also giving out pine seedlings for Earth Day at the cafeteria.

Now for the rest of the day.

Sunday (04-23) will be my 5th anniversary on LJ.
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Another agent my group just got another job... we'll be down 4 agents starting next week
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we're losing another agent in a week.

We just lost one just after I got back from Pennsic.

So, unless they can get someone to take this for the amount that the contract company is offering, we're down 3 agents from what the higher-ups are saying we should be.

And we'll have 5 agents most of the week taking the first shift calls for two accounts. Mondays and Fridays we'll have 2 more (they work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

When I started this account 2 years ago, we had 7 agents just taking Blockbuster calls, and another 6 taking just Paramount calls, and a couple who worked on both.

And we take more calls a month as a desk than we did then.

I know that as the desk gets older, we're supposed to get better and be able to do more with less agents. But this is insane.


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