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Ok, so Mom's in Samaritan Hospital with a broken hip. She's in pain, but that's to be expected. They're going to operate on her on Friday. I don't have all the details yet, because I've not been home.

Why have I not been home?

I go a call from Marnen Sunday afternoon, with him asking me if I recall seeing his passport.

Long story made short- Marnen couldn't find his passport at home, in his car, or where he had been staying in Illinois. Yesterday we had to run to NYC for Marnen to get a copy of his birth certificate (which resulted in me driving in downtown Manhattan for the first time). Today we're in CT getting a new one done so he can make a new flight to England (since he missed last night's flight because he didn't have his passport). The new flight is Thursday evening.

So, I do get more time with Marnen, who's been in Illinois for a couple of months working at a theater festival, before he goes to England for the rest of the month, but I didn't want all of this... running around, bother, and tsuris.
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The car has been signed over to me, but since it didn't have plates on it and it's not registered under my plates, I'm not going to pick it up until tomorrow (after taking a long lunch and going to the DMV)

As for the fiancé- [ profile] marnen is leaving for Japan on Wednesday. Since he's going to be in the office in White Plains tomorrow, he and I had our last dinner and cuddle for a couple of weeks. For those who don't know- he has a week of English Country dance gigs in Tokyo with the Flying Romanos. Since they will already be there and the plane fare is being paid for by their host, they're staying an extra 10 days to play tourist.
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At least for those who celebrate it.

Happy 4.5 year anniversary, [ profile] marnen
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It's a web development job in a shop that primarily uses Macs (they have a couple of windows machines lying around just to test browser compatibility). They're paying him well, and while it's contract to hire, the contract company starts benefits from day one. He can work from home one day a week right off the bat and they want him to start on Tuesday. They are working around the fact that next week he's back in California (Santa Cruz) for 2 weeks.

There is one major catch.

The job is in White Plains.

Anyone know of someone down that way who has a room or small apartment for rent? He can stay with his dad in Mt. Kisco on a short term basis, but his dad's place is effectively a studio so it won't work for long term.

I'm still keeping the apartment (we found one and are working on the details about when we're moving in and stuff) and my job up here. So, in a way, we're continuing the situation of the past 7 months, with the only difference being that it's cheaper to have the main apartment/storage for things like the concert grand piano, up here in Albany.


Sep. 11th, 2006 10:46 am
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From over the weekend....

  • The fiance has several leads on jobs... he's been getting calls from recruiters left and right.

  • The computer is now fixed (the power supply had died). Thank you [ profile] tetsujinnooni!!!

  • The door to work is still busted.

[ profile] tetsujinnooni told me on Saturday that I looked awful and I looked in the mirror. I did look like hell. I was then tucked in for a nap and then woken up 8 hours later for dinner. I ate then slept for another 7 hours. So I got in a LOT of sleep this weekend. After I don't look like I have a full set of gear for two weeks of Pennsic under my eyes instead of just general bags.

I ended up even staying over at [ profile] tetsujinnooni & [ profile] chickipu_no_oni's so I could get to sleep early and woke up and drove from Albany to work this morning.

I did end up waking early on Sunday, after about 15 hours of sleep (with the dinner break), so I went and visited my aunt in the nursing home. On the way back I stopped at a small yard sale and found a couple of things (freezer packs for a quarter, some bells for a project I'm thinking of, and a set of thick and thin ring sizers for 50 cents that I gave to Tersha), and got gas for $2.79 a gallon in Troy.

Need more sleep.


Sep. 6th, 2006 12:55 pm
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anyone need a web developer at their place of business?


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