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and that's after stopping off at the ladies' room to rinse off the coffee that splashed onto my blouse when getting breakfast stuff at the cafeteria.

Oh yeah, I've been drinking coffee on a regular basis now. That surprised Marnen the past couple of weekends during the move process.

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What it boils down to is we're out of Poughkeepsie and I'm bloody exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you EVERYONE who has helped in this process, from bodies packing & moving stuff to just being there for us with love.

Below are the details and it's a long one, so I'll break it up.

Friday and Saturday- Packing and Weddings )
Sunday: Loading the last truck and collapsing before the unloading was truly started )
Monday: Took the day to finish the job )
Suggestions and Resolutions )
Monday Night: Mild Wallys has gone really mild )
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Friday: I will be in Poughkeepsie by 3pm. I have myself, Marnen, Pat & David, and featheredfrog to work on finishing the packing and cleaning that night. Marnen and I also plan on breaking down the bed frame.

Saturday: Poughkeepsie- More packing and cleaning, starting by 8 am (at least for me). *If* the packing and cleaning is *all done*, I will be leaving around 11am for the wedding back upstate (and come back to Po-town after the wedding and part of the reception), otherwise I'll be staying and continuing said packing and cleaning. Marnen will be there as well, but has a paying gig that night.

The piano movers will be there around 8 am on Saturday to take the piano to Albany and I've arranged with someone to be there with an extra key to let the piano movers in.

Sunday: Poughkeepsie- I'll be picking up the truck early and the packing of said truck will start at 9 am. Based on the amount of stuff, I am trying to over-estimate and give it 6 hours to load the truck. If anyone who was with us last weekend thinks that this will not be enough, let me know.

Besides boxes there are 2 book cases, the bed, 3 two-drawer filing cabinets, a folding card table, a table/desk, several chairs, 2 bikes, 2 stacking metal shelves, 3 floor lamps, the computers, and one more keyboard (and any other musical instruments that Marnen has found), a hand truck, a bench, and a few bags of clothes. I believe that list is complete. (Marnen or anyone else who thinks that I've left something off, please let me know.)

Based on 6 hours, we should be done by 3pm and be in Albany by 5/5:30. I'm planning on returning the truck after hours this time.

What I need- at least 2 people to help in Poughkeepsie on Sunday to get stuff into the truck. At least 2 people in Albany to help unload the truck. Additional people and anyone who can help on Saturday would be greatly appreciated.

I'm scared/feel like I don't deserve to ask for help considering last weekend. But I know that I need it, so here I am.
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I cannot say it enough. I know things were a great cluster-fubar going in. I apparently, cannot estimate for the life of me the correct amount of stuff and the time it will take.

Besides my incorrect calculations, a number of boxes that (primarily) Marnen had in the basement had gotten damp and lost their glue, so a large number had and have to be re-packed before they can go further.

Now I hope that Marnen will be able to get stuff packed after work the rest of the week. I'm looking to head down Friday after a co-worker's going away lunch (which starts at 11:30 am).

I'm hoping that enough gets done so that I can go to a friend's wedding on Saturday, but I have to face the possibility that I won't be able to (and I'm trying to let them know now).

I know that Marnen was able to arrange for Kt's parents to help out Friday evening- I'm going to see if one or both of them are available earlier in the day if I can get out of work after the party.

I'm also discussed the possibility with Marnen that if someone is available during the day mid-week of leaving a key- just to go in and put stuff into boxes that we will sort through later.
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This is so we can account for enough people for drinks/food/paper plates.

This is who I know of so far- if you want to add/remove/change yourself on the list just reply to this message

Poughkeepsie: Friday Night- Me, Marnen, Jon, Tersha, Neffi(?)
Poughkeepsie: Saturday (day)- Me, Marnen, Jon, Tersha, Marcia (my mom), Ed, Nello(?)

Albany: Saturday afternoon/evening- Me, Marnen, Jon, Tersha, Marcia (my mom), Ed, Dan (after event), Paul, Virginia, Eric

Current plan- Friday night- fend for yourself on the way to Poughkeepsie. Saturday lunch- Pizza (I'll think of something for the low carb people), Saturday night- Wings. I'll get some eggs and cheese for quick omlets for Saturday breakfast
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Marnen and I went to 719 State. It is fixed up, with a few things that need to be done but not anything that would prevent us from being able to live right away.

And we've decided to stay.

To find out, the contractors that were dragging their feet on the work were not the guys the landlord usually works with, but the ones recommended (and paid for) by the insurance company. The water damage wasn't caused just by stupid college kids like we assumed, but it was the result of a tree that had fallen on the house.

He's already given us the phone # of the primary handyman he usually uses.

It gives us time to find a place to live next year without the mind numbing time pressure and at a cheaper cost.

It might be the dumbest thing we've done, or it might just work out ok.

The landlord already knows he's almost lost our business once. Anyone with half a brain for salesmanship (which he has to have as a real estate agent) should know that he needs to make sure everything is on the ball if he wants to even have a prayer of us staying for more than a year.
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It's still going to happen, even if it has to be into a storage unit.

Friday night- I'll be picking up the truck as soon as I get down to Poughkeespie (after the department picnic, which I'll have to leave from early to get to Uhaul on time). I'd like to have a few people that night (bring tents if you want, we have space for a couple of them) to load stuff as long into the night as we can. Anyone willing to travel up or down to this would be a big help.

That way, we should finish earlier on Saturday.

Saturday morning- get up, pack more into the truck/vehicles.

Saturday afternoon- have lunch (pizza?) and head up to Albany.

Saturday evening- unload trucks into new apartment/storage unit. Dinner from Wings Over Albany if we're in delivery range.

I will need a small crew at the 719 apartment with a truck to get things that are in there out and to wherever everything else is going.

Sometime early next week (would have been Monday but see previous post about deluges of life happening), Marnen will probably need a hand with some final cleanup as he gets the piano moved and the organ taken by someone. Anyone know of a group that needs an electric organ with speakers?
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I just found out that my Aunt Joyce (mom's brother's wife), passed away yesterday. Now, I've not been as close to her and my Uncle Bob as I was with my Aunt Glady, but since my father passed away I've seen them more often, including dinner a few times with Marnen.

She's had intestinal problems for a very long time, and took a turn for the worse and possibly needed a liver transplant. They figured that they had enough time with a couple of smaller surgies to get her healthy enough to be able to take a transplant.

Her heart gave out instead.

The wake is on Sunday, and the funeral is on Monday. Ironically, I had already taken Monday off to finish moving/setting up stuff.
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Ok, so I spoke with the landlord, and he was going to be at the place in the afternoon. In the afternoon, he leaves me a voicemail- the painters will be done on Tuesday and everything will be done.

I stop off with [ profile] tetsujinnooni and [ profile] chickipu_no_oni before dinner. Test the lights in the bathroom and kitchen- still not on. Test the water, still not on, but it gurgles like it's been on. It feels like the bathtub has been used, so I turn that on to see if it was just something stuck in the sink's waterworks. Water starts splashing me on the face- dripping off of the blinds on the window. I turn off the faucet- but it still is streaming off the blinds and slowly starts to subside. From what I can tell, the water is coming from the ceiling.

I call the landlord and there's no answer. This is 8:17 pm (by my cell).

It is now Tuesday morning, and I still haven't gotten a call back.

Next door to 719 is another apartment for rent. I called the #, and the manager said that he's in NJ on a job (he's a contractor himself) but that there's a key above the door and I can go take a look. I call him back after the look- and he answers the phone again (it's almost 9 at this point).

Ok, all of the lights, except one where the fixture is not there, work. All of the outlets are grounded and all the existing GFCIs have been replaced and work. The water works. The stove is a bit old (but on the phone with the manager later he says that it and the hot water heater are the first things on his list for that apartment when he gets back from Jersey). Everything is painted and the bathroom has been redone from scratch (and is very very pretty- the manager said that everyone mentions how great the bathroom looks).

The layout for the 3 bedrooms is a little unusual- with doors not only to the hallway but they're all connected to each other (which makes them feel more narrow then the rooms in 719, but they're not). There also aren't the built in lofts of the other place, which cuts on the storage (but Marnen has a loft bed from IKEA that he was using before, which could be set up in the craft room for storage.

Hardwood floors in everything except the bathroom [tile] and the den [carpet]. Another unusual setup- instead of living room, dining room, bathroom, then kitchen as most of the converted Victorians are in Albany, this one goes living room, kitchen, bathroom, den. The floors don't squeak except for one small spot in the living room, even with [ profile] tetsujinnooni and [ profile] chickipu_no_oni actively walking heavy and jumping up and down on it.

Hell, even the stairway outside is sturdier and the railings don't wobble at all.

The major busted tree limb that I mentioned overhanging into the back entry for 719 is in this apartment's back yard (which I forgot to mention- I just realizied it's possible that he doesn't know about it if it happened while he's been on this Jersey job and I forgot to mention it last night)

The basement has some more obvious junk in it, but it doesn't have the cobweb central that 719 has.

It's more expensive, and [ profile] marnen still needs to see it, and it's available to move in now (would just have to arrange for the day for the manager to replace the stove and light fixture)- but anyone who's helping this Saturday interested in starting earlier and have a bucket brigade from one apartment to the other?

(More on the move details in another post- I'm still doing the truck for this Saturday, even if it's to move the stuff into a storage unit).
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So... there's this apartment see. The landlord stated that the contractors would be finished, or nearly so, on Friday.

From Thursday to Friday all it looked like had happened was that the thermostat was hooked up and the ceiling tile in the center of the kitchen was finally replaced. The water is still off, the bedrooms aren't painted, the doorknob in the back is still busted... etc.

[ profile] chickipu_no_oni was with me when I looked at the place, and she noticed some stuff that I hadn't. Like the fact that 50% or more of the outlets aren't grounded. The one Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) in the kitchen (the one that exists out of four outlets in the kitchen) sparks slightly when tested (I don't know if this is normal or not). The GFCI in the bathroom isn't operational at all (the buttons are all pushed in and painted over). Most of the outlets that have faceplates have cracked ones, or have been painted over a number of times (the outlets too). And it looks like most of the outlets haven't been secured properly (which may have contributed to the cracked faceplates). The lights in the kitchen and the bathroom also don't turn on/off, and it's not a blown fuse (yes, fuse).

Today Ed and I got the fridge and washer from my aunt's trailer moved to the new apartment. (Someone might be buying the trailer and moving it, so we have more time to clear it out while that is decided). I had picked up these lift straps from U-Haul (called "Forearm Forklifts") and they worked very well. To get the washer downstairs I first took a pair of lopers (sp?) from Pittstown and cut off branches of the tree that had partially fallen down in the next door neightbor's back yard and was mostly blocking the entry into the backyard on our side (oh, and that backyard will need a lot of bushwacking to get into a useable condition too).

One of the things we noticed when moving the fridge was that the one that was there already (besides being rather disgustingly dirty)- when it was put in there the ground prong on the plug had been removed so it would fit in the non-grounded outlet.

When we looked at the place, the landlord said he was looking to upgrade the quality of the tenants. I wonder if he realized that it means we would demand greater quality from the apartment (that it's at least up to code if nothing else- which I have to check what the code is for Albany).

So now I'm back at the Halfway House, debating taking a shower first or spending time killing stuff in Diablo 2 just to bleed off more frustration.
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Hello (and apologies to anyone who may get this twice),

I'm looking for a couple of people with strong backs who can help my brother and I out tomorrow (Saturday) for a couple of hours. We need to move a couple of appliances (a fridge and a clothes washer) from Pittstown to my new apartment in Albany. We already have a truck, we just need someone(s) who can help with the lifting.

I'll provide dinner. [You can either email or call me on my cell- 845-625-7819 (Verizon), or just respond to the post]

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I went to the apartment yesterday with boxes and futon (two cars of stuff- Ed and Mom had come downstate with me). And the place still isn't ready for occupancy.
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Ok, so with a late start I have pretty much all of the pots, pans, dishes, and glasses packed (I'm leaving some behind for Marnen to be able to cook/eat down here).

Still have to pack up the food and clean the stove and fridge. Ed's gotten one box from the dining room done, and some more picking up type stuff.
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Ok, so we're moving and we're going to need help.

Marnen gets back from California on 7/10 (Tuesday) and I was looking at having the whole big rent-a-truck and such on July 14th (Saturday). We'll need help loading the truck during the morning/afternoon in Poughkeepsie, and unloading the truck in the afternoon/evening in Albany. I'll be going down on the 13th (after work) and could use a hand with last minute packing.

Also, Ed and I will need help at my Aunt's trailer. I think there's about a day of stuff to do- mainly getting the stuff that is in the trailer (all of it's packed) and bring the stuff to 2 places- my mom's house 2 doors away or my new apartment. For the stuff going to my apartment, we'll need a truck (in the stuff to go to my place is a clothes washer and possibly a refrigerator (I have to talk to the landlord first). We're looking at doing this on July 7 (the owners of the park are tearing down the trailer on Monday the 9th).

I can also make arrangements if people want to help who can't make it on the "big" days.

Food will be arranged for people too (I have to figure out how and what, but I will).
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I was supposed to officially move into my apartment yesterday.

The apartment isn't ready. Not by a long shot.

It looks like none of the rooms have been repainted yet. All of the internal doors are still off of their hinges.

The kitchen cabinet is sitting in the living room (and may need to be replaced anyway). There's dirt all over the kitchen and the ceiling tile around the light fixture is still missing (and the cable that runs for the light switch is just hanging down from the ceiling).

The bathroom is dirty and there's dead cigarette butts in the sink.

The bedrooms still have ladders and other equipment in them, including the knee high "sea shell" fans (I know there's a more correct term for them) that help dry paint. One bedroom looks like someone put wallpaper on the ceiling, painted over it, and it's partially ripped down- by the same amount that was there when I saw the apartment (it's also the same room that's painted dark silver and has mirrors on one wall, which is kind of neat but makes the room feel like it's about two feet wide).

The landlord was surprised when he got my message that the crew was nowhere near finished. He's been out of town (without a good cell signal) and won't be back for a few more, but has already put in a call to the contractors.
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It'll be a different day. And I'll be heading down to the Stronghold after work to visit for the night and recharge a little before meeting up with my mom and brother for more packing.

Need to remember to get boxes- we ran out while packing the kitchen and haven't gotten the dishes packed yet. Still have the dining room and the living room to do.

And I'm hoping not to get a phone call. Or at least if I do it's not bad news. My Aunt Joyce (my maternal uncle's wife) is on her way to a hospital in NYC (Mt. Sinai I think) and is high on the liver transplant list. Now, while I haven't been nearly as close to her as I was with my Aunt Glady, I still don't want to lose someone else in my family.

Between that and the feeling like I'm fighting that I'm just a fat, ugly, dumb, no-taste trailer-trash nobody makes me very interested in tomorrow getting here.
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So, I'm just about to head downstate with my mom to spend another weekend of packing. Earlier this week I got my part of the bedroom pretty much done ([ profile] marnen needs to clean up his side and I have about a box of random and fragile stuff to pack up) and the office is done except for the computers and another box of random stuff.

Mom's coming down not so much to work, but to have someone for me to talk to otherwise I'll get distracted and slow down.

So, I picked up some starter trees at this event at work- Pussywillow, Nannyberry, Elderberry (of Monty Python fame), and White Cedar. I was wondering if someone who owned their place (perhaps the Stronghold?) would be interested in them. It's not really something I want to just plant and leave at the new place since I don't know how long I'll be living there (I'm not sure why I have that feeling).
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It's a web development job in a shop that primarily uses Macs (they have a couple of windows machines lying around just to test browser compatibility). They're paying him well, and while it's contract to hire, the contract company starts benefits from day one. He can work from home one day a week right off the bat and they want him to start on Tuesday. They are working around the fact that next week he's back in California (Santa Cruz) for 2 weeks.

There is one major catch.

The job is in White Plains.

Anyone know of someone down that way who has a room or small apartment for rent? He can stay with his dad in Mt. Kisco on a short term basis, but his dad's place is effectively a studio so it won't work for long term.

I'm still keeping the apartment (we found one and are working on the details about when we're moving in and stuff) and my job up here. So, in a way, we're continuing the situation of the past 7 months, with the only difference being that it's cheaper to have the main apartment/storage for things like the concert grand piano, up here in Albany.
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I was waiting until I had told my manager before making a wider announcement.

I have a new job starting in a couple of weeks and I'll be moving back to the Albany area.

The job is all [ profile] chickipu_no_oni's fault... which goes back to being [ profile] rhysab's fault. I'll be joining the tier 2 team working at GE Global Research in Niskayuna. I just gave my two weeks notice here... so as long as the background check and drug test turn out ok, I'll be starting there around Dec. 4th. And some time after that (depending on how long the search takes), I'll be moving back upstate. Marnen will be joining me too.


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