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I had to get away for a little bit from life, so I went to the movies. I saw Casino Royale.

Oh my gods. It was wonderful. They hit the big reset button and went back to Bond's first case as a 00 agent. This is a grittier Bond, one who gets his hands into his work as a killer. There are some gadgets (like a tracer put into Bond's arm so they can keep an eye on the loose cannon), but most of the action is driven by Bond and the other characters. But there are no jet packs and torpedoes coming from the car. It put the focus on Bond and how he has to use his skills to outsmart the bad guy.

I also saw a teaser for Ghost Rider... Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider... oh wow. *swoon*


Aug. 2nd, 2006 08:16 am
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Finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest. Without AC at home, I decided to go see it so I could soak up some AC.

I want the 3rd movie to have been released YESTERDAY.

And I so want to be in Elizabeth's shoes. And for all of them to realize that polyamory is a good thing. Because while Elizabeth and Will are a great (and the expected) match, she's growing into someone that would be perfect for Jack. And she is attracted to him.

But it's Disney. While they did throw in the monkey wrench of attraction between Elizabeth and Jack... she'll end up with Will. We know it.

and the next movie doesn't come out until some time NEXT YEAR!!!!

/me cries.
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They're making Casino Royale with a new James- Daniel Craig. This looks to be based on the original novel by Ian Fleming, which actually was not made into a serious James Bond movie (there was a spoof of it in 1967).

There's not been a James Bond movie based on an actual Flemming novel/story since 1988 with Live and Let Die.
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ok, so there was going to be a bridal show at a hotel only 3 blocks from my house. I called this morning to make sure it was still on. There was no announcement on the radio about any cancellation (and it is important to note that it was being sponsored by the major radio conglomerate in the area).

[ profile] marnen's gig in NJ was canceled, so he and I suited up, walked to the hotel... find out it had been canceled at the last minute.

So we trudged back home, and ended up at a local Chinese buffet (because the Indian restaurant in the same plaza was closed). Before eating, we stopped off a bakery that was open, and took a look at their cake selection... so we did get to do some wedding research even though the show was canceled.

After lunch, we hit Blockbuster in the plaza and I ended up picking (because he wasn't in the mood to watch movies) Lady Death, Steamboy, and then Marnen found Nick Knight out of the blue. (For those who don't know, it's a tv movie from '89 starring Rick Springfield that was the predecessor to Forever Knight).

So far, I've watched Nick Knight and Lady Death, and just made some popcorn. I'll hold off on watching Steamboy. Marnen's working on transcribing Caroso lute tablature.
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IBM has arranged a private advanced screening and I picked up a ticket last week (hey, I see it a day early and only pay $3 US....)

I won't snark it though.
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Ok, So Serenity is coming out next Friday. Who wants to see it then, and what time? I can get out of work at 3:30 at the earliest. I know Marnen wanted to come as well, and I'll check when the earliest he can make it to Middletown is.

I have a fandango bucks gift certificate that I can use to buy a few tickets online (probably on Tuesday) if someone reimburses me for their tickets.

I am also going to see if I can use that certificate to see Mirrormask in the city. I'm trying to find out which theaters will be showing it to see if I can get one that allows Fandango tickets.


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