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Greetings all,

I had a ride for Pennsic set up, and I've very grateful to Rowena (from Concordia) for offering one. Unfortunately, life has intervened and I have to be at my apartment for an inspection on July 30 and *after* my ride needs to leave for Pennsic.

Is there someone around or going through the Albany, NY area for Pennsic after July 30 with space for 1 person?


Jun. 11th, 2008 01:02 pm
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Ok, so does someone know how to find out what merchants are looking for people to work at for Pennsic? I'm currently set to help out/fill in a little as stress relief/work Midnight Madness for Thorny Rose, but I need something a bit more stable to supplement it.
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to all those going to Pennsic this week and next week without me.
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Pictures from EK Court

Yes, I know a number of them are too dark... I've not cooked them yet
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Friday- Field battle, Kama Sutra for Couples and Lady's Night party )

Saturday- where is everyone going? )

Sunday- going home, aka driving and driving and driv... with a stop for food and pottery )

There... done. :) Add what you might want to...

ok, a general question for those who might know.
On Saturday, I picked up this little gadget. It makes knitted cord. It's a wooden tube with 4 nails on the end, where the yarn loops over them and you bring the loops up and over new yard to create new loops, and the cord. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS THING? I picked it up because I remember having one as a kid. The sign on the basket that had these called them niddy noddies, but that's the wrong term (because that a misspelling for a type of skein winder).

Update: the name of it is knitting spool, a knitting nancy, or knitting noddy (thanks [ profile] dyanearden!)
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Pennsic- part 1

Tuesday and purchases I've been meaning to make )

Wednesday )

East Kingdom Court then some Midnight Madness, Wednesday night )

More to come
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Who's going to Southern Region War Camp at the end of July? It is the first time that [ profile] marnen and I will be going and it would be nice to camp with/near people we already know.

And jeeze... I just realized that since I'm going to Pennsic, I need a place to camp if possible. Does anyone have any ideas? (also contact infor for McPharlain and Northpass would be appreciated)

I'm going to North Region War Camp this weekend, so I should be able to see McPharlain there...


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