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I'm now the Events Minister for my flag. But my term of Govenor is now over...
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Smoni & Collwen in NYC Oct. 24, 2006Smoni & Collwen in NYC Oct. 24, 2006

I know [ profile] smoni from Puzzle Pirates. He's from England and his family came to NYC for holiday. [ profile] marnen and I met Smoni and went to dinner in the City (at W104th and Broadway), then stopped off at a Ben & Jerry's for dessert. He can get B&J in England, but for 5 pounds for a pint (about $8-9 USD!) and they have no B&J stores.

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I'm now the Governor of Frond Island
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Friday night )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Future Event/Rebekahs plans )
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Friday- My Birthday )

Saturday- some productivity )

Sunday- even more productivity )

I got up and got to work a little late, but I'm here. And the phones have been pretty much non-stop all morning.

And I just want to sleep.

But it is time for lunch.
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I made
this logo graphic
for my Puzzle Pirates flag...
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One of my flag in Puzzle Pirates is having a sale of the items that people have left behind at her furnisher and iron monger shops.

I ended up with a portrait easel and a green/green short sword (one of 3 made for St. Patty's day by the flag).
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and now I own a cutter, the Strong Sunfish, as well as my sloop, the Closed Puffer.


And he gave me the money to stock her up.... now to get charts to get her to my main arch... but there's no shipyard on the island she's docked at.
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but it's a good sore. I went to All Sport Poughkeepsie with [ profile] ciaranmacleod. I had a good time, even though I had to cut it short because of my Rebekahs meeting (which went very very long). I'm a little sore, my upper right arm particularly (but I also went to fencing practice on Wednesday).

the icon is part of a screen shot from Puzzle Pirates. I'm waiting on a gown skirt of blue and green.

This weekend I'll be at Ceilidh, and I'll be bringing [ profile] hopelrailmantic with me.


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