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I know I've been mainly posting here with quick shots from my phone after Weigh In at Weight Watchers. I swear there's more to life than that... but it is an important thing right now. So important that I'm creating a podcast regarding it. It's called "A Geek Getting Healthy"

The format of the show is going to be an update on where I am and what's going on healthy/weight wise (which has to be recorded pretty much on the release date or within a day or so), and a "Geek Part" where I go over some geeky topic that is related to health and weight.

I've got two episodes (an intro and a "real" episode) recorded. At least partially. I've got the intro minus my first week's results, and the first Geek Part of a regular episode. The intro is edited, and I'm writing this while on break from editing the 2nd ep. I've got a few more episodes written, so I have to record those (probably when I get back from Kentucky.

Yeah, Kentucky. I'm going there for a week with [ profile] marnen, who has a gig at a dance camp in Lake Cumberland, KY.

I'll have to get off my laptop soon. I had it with me and decided to do some sound editing while I was waiting for the meeting to start.

THANK YOU everyone. Between the comments here and face to face encounters with people I know that there's a lot of people behind me on this and it's wonderful to know.

Thank you.
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The short story "Unexpected Legacy", written and performed by me, is up on New World Orders INTERCAST!


This is my first story to be published that isn't just on my livejournal accounts or back in the my high school creative writing class magazine.

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As previously mentioned, I listen to a lot of podcasts and podcast novels.

One of the ones that I listen to is The Aurora Hunter and like many podcast novels there's someone other than the writer who reads "The Story So Far" recap.

Chapter 26 just posted, and my voice is the one presenting the Story so Far!!!

(available both on the above website and through iTunes)

There are also a few episodes of the Horror Addicts podcast where reviews or comments that I have made (either in email or on the 'cast's forums) have made it onto the show.
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I've been listening to a number of podcasts and pod novels while I am online looking for work.

Pod novels/literature:
Night's Knights, written and read by Emerian Rich. A vampire Podcast novel. Adult themes and content (aka Not Safe for Work). I found it randomly (go figure, I'm searching for vampire related stuff). A set of vampires chose their children and at the same time another group of vampires are working in the background for some unknown goal.
Hall of Mirrors, written and read by Mike Bennet. Short stories of the weird and grotesque. Adult themes and content (aka Not Safe for Work). I followed a promo from Night's Knights to this work.
One Among the Sleepless, written and read by Mike Bennet. A Podcast novel set in Brighton, England. Bad neighbours, strange behavior and strange love. Fiction. Thriller. Adult themes and content (aka Not Safe for Work)
Crescent, written and read by Paul Rossi. Dark Sci-Fi. Adult themes and content (aka Not Safe for Work). I just picked this one up, so I'm getting exposed to it.

365 Tao, produced by Greg Demetrick (who is a fellow Alum of Alpha Phi Omega). Short poems and Taoist reflections.
Office Angst Podcast. Another one by Emerian Rich. Jaded tales of modern office life. Sort of like how all of us are about the workplace.
Polyamory Weekly, produced by Minx. A community driven show and discussion regarding the different aspects of polyamory. Again, Adult themes and content (aka Not Safe for Work).


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