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Wednesday night [ profile] marnen and I are going to New Haven, CT for the vegetarian Thanksgiving with Bernie (Marnen's dad), Sally (Bernie's girlfriend), James (Sally's son), and Audrey (James's girlfriend). I'm not sure if anyone else is going to be there- it's possible.

Thursday we will be at the Stronghold for dinner with the group there (with the addition of at least [ profile] purpura's parents). Note to self: cheeses and pickles and olives.

Friday, I have off. Have to figure out with Marnen if that means we head up to Albany/Pittstown during the day or sleep in and wait for later.

Saturday is big move stuff for my aunt's place. We're still looking for some people to help out.

Sunday Marnen has a rehearsal in NYC and I might have a Penny Social, where I get to tell my Rebekahs Lodge that I have to step down as Nobel Grand because I'm moving, and that I won't be able to take District Deputy President the next two years like we were talking about.
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I've got to get a hold of the letter that is apparently waiting for us at my lodge meeting tomorrow.

Apparently, somehow, the state level of Odd Fellows in NY was able to get the next level up to remove the state officers on the Rebekahs side of the equation. I need to get the official list of reasons, but part of it is probably this- with several decisions that were made at the Assembly Session that I was at a few months ago, we announced our intent to break the stranglehold that the men's organization has on us.

The two biggest things are these- We had a batch of years where the men slowly gained more and more control over us. It got to the point where we had to have our Assembly Session at the same time/place as theirs. Secondly, they had imposed a per capita tax on our Assembly (amounting to x per member of each Lodge) during a financial emergency over a decade ago, and were able to keep it going to the point where they now depend on it as a source of income.

We said "No More."

We said that we wanted to have our own, separate, Assembly Session. When and where we want it, as we have had in the past. Where we can make our own deals and make the Session more affordable for more of our Sisters to come to it.

We also said that we would not pay this tax to the men's group because they had no right to charge it, and that we get nothing from them for it. And we have no say in the process that creates it. (Taxation without Representation anyone?) We were willing to work out an agreement with them to cut it back over time, so they wouldn't get into another financial crisis because of us.

And now, they have removed our officers. I need to find out the official reasons why.

I'm back

Jul. 27th, 2006 08:26 am
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I realized that I never posted that I was going to be away for a few days for a Rebekah conference (for the lack of a better term).

More involved update after I get settled and catch up with my work email and stuff.

Love you all.
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Friday night )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Future Event/Rebekahs plans )
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So, last night I had a lovely talk with a "wellness coach"- the result of the health screening I did back in April. I have 6 sessions total with the coach/mentor. It was a nice talk, and I set a goal of going to the gym Thursday morning before work for the next three weeks (the gym now opens at 5am, making this possible).

I then met Marnen at Umami for dinner. And we talked and ate. It was good, up until the end. I noticed that it was late, and got hit with "oh my gods, look at the time, I have this to do, and that to do, and something else to do..."

Turning me into a little stress kitten.

I got home, and used the new printer/scanner combo to scan the model bylaws for my Rebekahs Lodge, and got all the text right (some words like financial got mangled), and got our Lodge's modifications to the model done. Then I tried to turn in early, because my body was sore from my workout on Sunday, and my brain was crispy.

Today I've split the list of places to call and inquire about venues between Marnen and me (probably something I should have done a while ago).

I'm also in the process of emailing the people for the Meet & Greet lunch to begin the food coordination process.

I need to get a list together of the other stuff (including Roses prep) and *not* freak out about the list.
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So Friday night [ profile] marnen and I went to look at a possible wedding/reception site. I'll post more about that in [ profile] sunmoon_wed.

Then I went to a club to see The Flying Buttresses and Zen Debris. This is a link to pictures that were taken by the "official" photographer. I had fun, even though the crowd was a bit... sparse to say the least.

Saturday morning Marnen and I did some registry related stuff. Mainly deciding on going to Filene's (soon to be Macy's) for china and that sort of stuff, and Target for other stuff (and decided on a bedding set). Again, I'll post more about that in [ profile] sunmoon_wed.

Marnen left to go to Aikido, and I did some shopping. I ended up getting two tops (a side effect of shrinking and longer fitting into my clothing) and a pair of stockings. I then headed over to the Stronghold-As-It-Is-Currently-Located-In-Warwick. Jeff, Katie, and Matt had to run and look at another possible house, so I got to spend a while talking with Kae. It was a good thing. And for once I had dinner there that didn't involve steak (but involved mashed potatoes again, which is a *good* thing too). Then I did get time to hang out with Jeff & Katie (Matt had to go to bed). Marnen had a gig, so I stayed overnight and had pancakes and helped Martha the house for an Open House. I was there when the bid went in and as things developed, which was a neat thing to see. I also got a lot of time in seeing Charlie.

Sunday afternoon I headed over to Rich & Debbie Simons' house in Beacon. They are a couple that Marnen's known for over 10 years now. They're both good musicians and Rich is a conductor 2 ways- a conductor for the Metro North and an orchestra conductor. Each year they host an orchestral/chamber music jam. I met Marnen over there and played a bit. Even got to play my piccolo, which doesn't happen much. But good gods, the William Tell has a B that's TWO OCTAVES ABOVE the staff, in the PICCOLO part. That's above Stars & Stripes range. I got it out, once, after asking Marnen on how to finger the blasted thing.

Saturday I had a headache when I got to the Stronghold. I took some stuff for it. Sunday, it came back with a vengeance. Especially after playing the William Tell.

I made it home. I stopped for Mt. Dew and meds on the way. I was even a little nauseous (which rarely happens with my migraines, fortunately). I slowly drove home, and when I got there it took a while to fall asleep.

Today is work. Part of me didn't want to go, but I don't have time to play with for days off. Tonight I have to stop off and do some work on the bylaws for my Rebekah's lodge, then run over to the CIA for dinner with Marnen and Bernie for Bernie's birthday.
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Rebekah/Odd Fellow lithograph by Currier & Ives

And I need to contact the Library of Congress to let them know that this has to be associated with the Odd Fellows/Rebekahs.
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I stopped into weigh in before checking out the Aqua Jam class last Thursday. I had lost 0.2 lbs. The Aqua Jam class was fun, but much more tiring than expected. And I got a charlie-horse right in the middle of the class. I'll have to see how often I can make it with my regular schedule.

Start weight 272.8 Current 213.6 Net change -59.2
Start 6/9/04, 10% on 9/15/04 next goal - the next 10 lbs
Descending the decades: 270-6/23/04, 260-7/8, 250-8/15, 240-10/13, 230-4/13/05, 220-8/3

Friday night I went to Game Gnight in Cornwall. I played Cheez Geek for the first time and won the two games we played. We then played a neat game called station master and I ended up with a negative score for a while, then pulled into 4th (out of 5 players).

I then finally got to Watervliet. On Saturday I went with Mom to a Rebekahs meeting and found out that one of my classmates just had had her third baby. I also checked with another lady at the meeting and her grandson is now part of a band in Albany ( and they're playing Valentines for New Years Eve.

Saturday night the group (Ed, Jon, Tersha, Dan, and myself) went to see MirrorMask at the Spectrum... and it was just as good as the first time.

On the way home I called Marnen and we hit a new place for dinner in Hyde Park (have to check the name, but it's a home brew place right across from FDR's estate). The food was pretty good.
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but it's a good sore. I went to All Sport Poughkeepsie with [ profile] ciaranmacleod. I had a good time, even though I had to cut it short because of my Rebekahs meeting (which went very very long). I'm a little sore, my upper right arm particularly (but I also went to fencing practice on Wednesday).

the icon is part of a screen shot from Puzzle Pirates. I'm waiting on a gown skirt of blue and green.

This weekend I'll be at Ceilidh, and I'll be bringing [ profile] hopelrailmantic with me.
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I'm going to a Rebekahs meeting with Mom on Saturday, and hanging out with Jon & Tersha and whatever of the Halfway house crew is around and able to hang out.

and I registered for Philcon while it is still cheaper.


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