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Greetings all,

I had a ride for Pennsic set up, and I've very grateful to Rowena (from Concordia) for offering one. Unfortunately, life has intervened and I have to be at my apartment for an inspection on July 30 and *after* my ride needs to leave for Pennsic.

Is there someone around or going through the Albany, NY area for Pennsic after July 30 with space for 1 person?
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I'll still answer to Collwen... because everyone knows me by that name. But I've been thinking for a while of creating a name that is fully documentatble (apparently, back when I registered my name the source that it was taken from hadn't been examined too closely).

Here are some possibilities---
possible first names (I'm looking for something that is Welsh looking/sounding):
Lleucu (Lucy)
Elynor (Eleanor)
Eleyn (Ellen)

possible last names:
Powell (Which is a mix of ap Howell, which is also the closest Welsh name I can find to Howard, my father's name)

And then when my persona and Marnen's (Marcellus, not Z'ev) get married, I'm planning on using Given-name Last-name of Wolfhurst.

What do people out there think? (Nate: Catherine and any variations on it has already been discussed and vetoed for being too close to the name of a friend)

[note- source for the names comes from articles at]
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I got to see a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a while. I got to know some people better then before. A whole group seemed to congregate around my tent. There are people that I was hoping to see there, but couldn't make it.

I taught a class/workshop- I wasn't late to it (I missed the class I taught last year by an hour). It went well.

I drank to those who have gone before us into the greatest unknown.

We all got rained on.

and now I'm coming down with a sore throat, just in time to run a high level mod for the local Living Greyhawk group tonight. Other individuals may want to take this as a warning as well.
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but it's not. I'm figuring I might be able to catch up more than I have been while I'm on a break.

Work is fairly slow right now, but I expect that to change out of the blue on Jan. 2, 2007 when all of the GE employees come back (and call in the issues they didn't take care of before they left for vacation or issues that developed over their time away) and their can buy stuff again (purchasing was limited during most of the month of December).

I'm going back to Weight Watchers. A blouse that I purchased for Philcon last year (for a LARP) didn't fit anymore when I went to MEPACon Fall. My pants are getting tight again. I used a gift card that was given to everyone in my team here to get a new outfit, and had to get size 22 pants again. I was down to where I could contemplate 16s and 18s depending on the construction.

I'm no longer in the state of flux from my aunt's condition. Things are still hectic but I have to take control of this again.

There's a meeting that's in between home and work in Latham. It pretty much ties for the most meetings in the area (the other location being out by Crossgates and has only one more morning meeting than Latham). Does anyone go to meetings at either of those locations, and if so, how are they?

I'm figuring that I can probably hit the Thursday 5:30 meeting on my way to dance practice (in the future, when it's back up and on Thursday that week).

I'll be at the Stronghold for New Year's Eve. {nb The Stronghold is my term for the BesterGryphMurphSeoMorton house. If nothing else, it's easier to say} I know I emailed [ profile] purpura saying I'd be there. I hope she got it (can you let me know?)

Apartment hunting proceeds apace.
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I'm in one of those "if it's not one thing it's another..." phases.

Ragnar )

Marnen )

The Computer named Jaenelle )

The Door that won't Work at Work )

Back up to Labor Day Weekend (that post in progress that am FINALLY finishing)

The Collection of Karpathos )

Labor Day Weekend 2006 in some Detail )
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I'm working at IBM today for various reasons. I'm catching up on my LJ friends when I got the news that [ profile] ragnarwolf had passed away.

You will be missed.

The Lyrics to <i>Return (Coming Home)</i> )
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I miss calculated the weekends and I get paid the week after Barleycorn, not the day before.
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and maybe Barleycorn is not such a good idea either.

Marnen's got a gig that Saturday night, and while it's an anniversary for us...

The only reason I'm considering Barleycorn at all is that I'll have 2 paychecks and several days of overtime (including working Labor Day and getting an extra 8 hours) before the event. But I have to pay back Marnen again for the second car repair, pay rent and bills, buy gas and food, and try to rebuild the nest egg for emergencies that got screwed by the car repairs *and* put money into the wedding fund.

Maybe it's not such a good idea for me too.. unless there were people to make it worth it. And at that, I might just day trip and miss out on the feast too.

But it is an anniversary and I'm already giving up Hunters for money reasons.
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2 multiple hundred dollar car repairs within one month
+ a screw up at the bank_______________________
not having the $ for Hunter's Moon

Also, If I don't go to Hunter's Moon, I can work Labor Day and get an extra 8 hours of pay.

I'm also re-thinking about going to Barleycorn, but since I should have the OT check for Labor Day in for then I might be able to swing it.

Since I was planning on going to the Ren Faire for closing weekend (which is the same weekend as the equestrian event in Concordia), I might not get a chance to see people in a SCAdian context until Ceilidh.

I will be up in September at least once (probably the last weekend at this point) for the usual hang out and visit my Aunt Glady who's in the nursing home in East Greenbush.
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I just got a caller from the field sales force and she lives in Butler. She's not a SCAdian herself, but she sees them all the time right now, in the store and the liquor store.


I amused the trainee (who is pretty cute) with how I just perked up and "started glowing" when she mentioned Butler, PA.
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to all those going to Pennsic this week and next week without me.
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First off all, with yesterday off I'm slogging through LJ for updates... and just found out that [ profile] ragnarwolf is in the hospital for tests. Candle lit is in my mind and good thoughts all along.

My Aunt
Because the aids picked up my aunt to take a shower and had closed the door, they had the conference without us. We did get to talk to one of the main nurses, and she's going to set it up so they call me after the future ones instead of having to take the day off.

She's eating a little bit more. We've given the nurses a list of foods she likes in hopes that this will encourage her to eat more. The nurse is also going to get the speech therapist into the works to see if there is something physical interfering with her being able to swallow.

This weekend
Just found out that some of the people I was trying to see at Southern Region aren't going to be there... and since that was going to be the primary reason to go... Now considering on not going to SRWC. The Stronghold could use a hand, and Jack's birthday party is Sunday. Also, [ profile] zimarra is about to leave for AmeriCorps and it's her last weekend in Albany....

So might go over Friday to the Stronghold, stay the morning, then go up to Albany for Shirra's goodbye, then have more of the day Sunday to make it up to Glens Falls without having to worry about breaking down a tent and packing...
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I might need crash space for myself and one to two others in the Boston area this weekend. A very good person I know, Baroness Lucia (modern name Joanne Williams), is in the New England Medical Center, and was just placed as high as they can get for a liver transplant. They're only giving her two weeks if she doesn't get the transplant.

I'm tryiing to get out there, but I might need a place to crash, and the people coming out with me. More travel details to follow once I know how I'm getting out there.

And if nothing else, especially if you know Lucia, send happy thoughts and prayers.

I met her at my first event, in 1993.

I'm praying as hard as my little heart and mind can, to either get her the transplant she needs, or to make her pain go away.
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Friday night )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Future Event/Rebekahs plans )
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This weekend had a very cool party at the Stronghold (aka the Bestermortons). Here's some highlights: [ profile] 11th_letter makes very good shrimp scampi. Mojitos are very delicious drinks. I crashed very early. [ profile] stonetimber told me I was getting cute.

Sunday, I got up and went with [ profile] ioldanach over to Pat & David's ([ profile] purpura's parents) to help with moving efforts. First we stopped off at a storage unit to get Jeff & Katie's tent stuff for Roses. Then we moved boxes and furniture until the crew (Pat, Jeff, and myself) were done in. Then Jeff and I stopped off at Home Depot to say hi to David (who was working) and to get a larger tarp for my tent. Then Jeff brought me home and got the stuff for my tent to go to Roses.

Roses. I *NEED* Roses.

I need the people that I've not seen in a while.
I need the the campfires and the morning dew.
I need the dark sky sparkling with stars (if the clouds will cooperate and not be there).
I need the drinks around the campfire.
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So, last night I had a lovely talk with a "wellness coach"- the result of the health screening I did back in April. I have 6 sessions total with the coach/mentor. It was a nice talk, and I set a goal of going to the gym Thursday morning before work for the next three weeks (the gym now opens at 5am, making this possible).

I then met Marnen at Umami for dinner. And we talked and ate. It was good, up until the end. I noticed that it was late, and got hit with "oh my gods, look at the time, I have this to do, and that to do, and something else to do..."

Turning me into a little stress kitten.

I got home, and used the new printer/scanner combo to scan the model bylaws for my Rebekahs Lodge, and got all the text right (some words like financial got mangled), and got our Lodge's modifications to the model done. Then I tried to turn in early, because my body was sore from my workout on Sunday, and my brain was crispy.

Today I've split the list of places to call and inquire about venues between Marnen and me (probably something I should have done a while ago).

I'm also in the process of emailing the people for the Meet & Greet lunch to begin the food coordination process.

I need to get a list together of the other stuff (including Roses prep) and *not* freak out about the list.
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Friday- My Birthday )

Saturday- some productivity )

Sunday- even more productivity )

I got up and got to work a little late, but I'm here. And the phones have been pretty much non-stop all morning.

And I just want to sleep.

But it is time for lunch.


Mar. 27th, 2006 09:30 am
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Ok, so I didn't pass my authorization attempt. I forgot to use my left hand, kept hitting the same place/making the same attack, and didn't back up/get out of the way when rushed. The marshals told me to try even in a fencing practice or two, but there's not enough marshalls at any practice I could get to reasonably. JP even invited me up to Concordia's practice to try, but having to be back down here and able to be at work at 7:30 am... I don't think that will work. (But my mom's getting cataract surgery, so if the schedule works out I might be able to swing it).

I picked up a copy of The Good Housewife's Jewel by Thomas Dawson. Published in 1596.

Brid's Tyger of the East went well. Darius started out with calling for an Irish woman and it went from there.

Gallery of pics from the event.

Ok, can someone tell me why this happens- I look at the camera screen and the pictures are more visible than when I upload them from the camera and then to a website?
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Hrim Schola went well. Will all the other stuff happening (a 1st time Baronial investiture in NJ, Ice Dragon out in Aethlemarc) we only expected 60 people, but got 90. I mentioned to the autocrat that I'd be interested in co-autocrating next year/two years. I'd like to see a year with a music track and a year with a fencing track- and it would be more likely to happen if I had a hand in planning the event.

Dinner afterwards was a group trek to the Eveready diner in Hyde Park. The food was good as ususal.

It was great to see everyone. Brid wasn't at Snowflake the week bfore because she was at Northern Lights. And I'll get to see her at Mudthaw next weekend.

During the Library Crawl at Thora's the next day, I got to show Brid the little I'd done in pulled thread. She's more of a structural person in terms of fabric pattern than a color person, so I think it's something that will interest her at least a little. She also has an interest in Victorian clothes and this was a technique used then too to imitate lace.

Also during the crawl, a discussion started about guild meetings. It started because all the guild meetings at Hrim Schola are at the same time, and there were people trying to get to multiple meetings at once.

So, a Guild day event was discussed as a possibility. I'm going to see if I can find a location for it. I even have a name for it- the Guild Fair(e). We'd need a large room where each guild can set up a table/display to show their stuff to potential new members and hang out with each other, then a couple of rooms to just run Guild Meetings (where we can do something like avoiding putting fiber/fabric related ones against each other).

After the crawl I wasn't feeling well. It was the "if I don't get some rest now I'll really get sick" sort of feeling. So I called up [ profile] ioldanach and had to let him know that I wouldn't be there for the Iron Chef Sugar dinner.


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