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collwen: (Difference-Engine) is a neat place. It is an online marketplace for handmade items and supplies. I've been looking there for vintage stuff for steampunk jewelry and ideas.

They have a how-to section with articles and videos. For my own reference, but perhaps to the general use of all, are ones that caught my eye.

How to Make Lip Balm
How to Make a Box Out of Paper Scraps
How to Make Fused Plastic Bags
How to Fix Up Your Ripped Jeans

Making Eco-Friendly Bags which also ties into the Burda Style website. That looks like a neat site that I and others need to check out. It's a place to share patterns and sewing tips.
Speaking of Patterns- How to Make a Pinback Button" [In their how-tos, they list at the bottom items from sellers that use the same techniques, which for this how-to brought up this neat item- Pattern Tissue Pinback Buttons or Magnets. [ profile] purpura- we need these!]

They also have a whole Handmade Wedding Series
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[ profile] erik_j_meyer just nudged me because I've not posted in a while.

So- what I'm up to:

I recently planted a bunch of herbs/vegetables. There's a small ceramic strawberry container of marjoram, thyme, sweet basil, cilantro, chives, and curly parsley sitting in my kitchen. I set it up on this past Friday and already have some of the seeds sprouting. I also got some peat pots and started the following this past Sunday- Basil (Fino Verde, Lemon, Spicy Globe, Sweet Italian, Thai), Chamomile, Chives, (Garlic, Regular), Cilantro, Dill (Fernleaf, Mammoth), Lavender, Lemon Balm, Mint (Common), Onions (White Lisbon- aka Scallions), Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary (French), and Sage. Those are sitting outside on a bench in plastic trays.

I've got some steampunk jewelry ideas, and found a source for parts. Granted, it's an online source so I'm starting to contact the local watch and clock repair shops, as well as thrift/consignment stores for cheaper (possibly free?)local sources. I also ended up finding a pair of old safety goggles/automotive glasses when helping to clear out my aunt's shed a week or two ago. So I'm starting to develop a steampunk outfit. Hopefully it'll be ready for Halloween.

Job search = slow, painful, and depressing.

Roleplaying games- going strong. I got a chance to hang out on Sunday with people (including [ profile] datascavenger and [Bad username or site: sunatrya, @]) and play Kobolds Ate My Baby!. I'm preparing for the D&D 4th Edition release (a gift certificate from [Unknown site tag]'s father and his girlfriend paid for the pre-order of the set) which is tomorrow.


Nov. 8th, 2007 08:49 am
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Steampunk Laptop

This is so pretty......

[edit to add]

Ok, looking around for other stuff/steampunk jewelry I came across this locket *DROOOL* I want!


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