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Hello, I'm looking for a ride to the party. I have 12/31 off (but have to be in Albany on 12/30, so something like coming back from the Snowmoon gang party won't work out).

I then just have to sort out getting to the train station (which would be on a holiday schedule), so I can meet up with Marnen in NJ for New Year's Day.
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I have about 1.5 hours left here today, then 8.5 hours tomorrow. Then I'm no longer with IBM, and will start my journey to Albany on Sunday.

My desk is packed up. I'm leaving the box here until tomorrow, but it's all ready to go. Computer files (like saved mps) are off.

Things to do tonight: get haircut, get battle mat for gaming (and see if I can get some cheap minis for opponents), plan outfit for (non SCA) event Saturday night, pack for Saturday (in case I end up elsewhere Friday night I'll be all set for Saturday).

Things to do before I leave Sunday morning: get laundry together to bring up to Watervliet, pack up computer, grab toaster oven, grab selection of books and sewing.
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Wednesday night [ profile] marnen and I are going to New Haven, CT for the vegetarian Thanksgiving with Bernie (Marnen's dad), Sally (Bernie's girlfriend), James (Sally's son), and Audrey (James's girlfriend). I'm not sure if anyone else is going to be there- it's possible.

Thursday we will be at the Stronghold for dinner with the group there (with the addition of at least [ profile] purpura's parents). Note to self: cheeses and pickles and olives.

Friday, I have off. Have to figure out with Marnen if that means we head up to Albany/Pittstown during the day or sleep in and wait for later.

Saturday is big move stuff for my aunt's place. We're still looking for some people to help out.

Sunday Marnen has a rehearsal in NYC and I might have a Penny Social, where I get to tell my Rebekahs Lodge that I have to step down as Nobel Grand because I'm moving, and that I won't be able to take District Deputy President the next two years like we were talking about.
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I need to get up to Albany tonight. Marnen's schedule is so funky that tomorrow morning is going to be the only time he'll be able to see my aunt any time soon (and she's been asking for him). However, he's going to gamelan rehearsal in NYC tonight (because he has a concert in December).

So I'm going to take either the bus or train up and Marnen's going to be meeting me there. It doesn't make sense to have 2 cars up there, especially since we're coming back tomorrow (Marnen has a contra dance here in Poughkeepsie tomorrow night).

I'd take the bus, but it looks like they dropped one of the buses off the schedule and I wouldn't get to Albany until 11pm (leaving Poughkeepise at 6!), or later if the bus is running late. There used to be a bus that left Kingston 10 minutes after the bus from Poughkeepsie got there (unless there was a delay on the bus coming up from NYC into Kingston).

On the other hand, Amtrak's raised their rates by a significant percentage, so now it's over double the amount of the bus ticket.

So either I spend twice as much for the trip, or have to find something to do in Kingston while waiting for the bus to come into the station.

I might take option 2. There's a diner right next to the bus station and I'll just bring a book with me. Even with getting food at the diner it might be cheaper for bus + diner then it would be for just the train.

Then again... doing the math, it might be cheaper/easier to just drive and have two cars (that way I'd also not be stuck leaving when Marnen has too). Have to think about this more.


Oct. 16th, 2006 09:54 pm
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Basic Update: My aunt is still alive. I'm sick... as in the coughing, stuffy head, chest congested, raw throat, voice sounding like sandpaper type of sick. And 4 days away from LJ = a long time to catch up.

Detailed update:
Thursday night I went and was part of the District Staff that installed my own Rebekahs lodge. (I'm the District Chaplain... yes, the pagan woman got asked to be the Chaplain). I had a surprise when four of the ladies from Rensseleaer District, including the NY Assembly Warden, came down for it.

During this meeting is when my throat started to get sore.

Friday morning I wake up and my throat is even sorer, and I'm coughing a little. I helped [ profile] marnen clear out his car, then headed up to East Greenbush to visit my Aunt. She's not doing good. She's not eating solid food again, and at times was having trouble even swallowing water.

Friday evening Ed met up with me, and we had dinner with Neffi, [ profile] tetsujinnooni, and [ profile] chickipu_no_oni at Garcia's. I also started my laundry somewhere before going out and finished it that night.

Saturday morning Ed picked me up and we went apple picking with a whole bunch of people. Well, it seems that we got there first I think. Ed and I each got a bag of apples. Johnagolds are incredible apples, tastey and HUGE. We also picked up some cider and other stuff at the barn store. We then stopped off at the nursing home but Aunt Glady was sound asleep. We left her her reading glasses (Ed had fixed them) and a piece of maple sugar candy, which should disolve enough for her to be able to eat.

Saturday evening Ed went back to the apple party, I ended up with a migraine. So I went back to the Halfway House and slept. Then dranks lots of peppermint tea with lemon and honey while watching some eposides of House. OMG I love this series.

Sunday, we all slept late. I felt even worse. I realize that I'm not going to get going in time to hit the Wool and Sheep Festival in Rhinebeck. At some point we went to Pearl of the Orient over in Loudonville for food. Hot & Sour soup is good for sick people. Right after eating, I felt a wave of heat come over me and I got flushed... oh great. A Fever.

So it was back to the Halfway House for more and more peppermint tea, a couple more episodes of House. I decided to crash there, with the hopes that I would feel better

Monday at about 3am, after having woken up a few times already, I made the decision there was no way I was going to make it into work so I called into the automated system and took the day off.

Today I tried to sleep in, kept feeding myself tea, and watched Logan's Run. Then Tersha and I met Jon for lunch. Ruby Tuesdays now has these mini hamburgers, and a combo of 2 minis, a small amount of fries, and the salad bar. The minis were good, the fries just enough, and the whole package actually reasonable for lunch. Then I got the car inspected at the Adorondack Tire place in Schenectady where Tersha's gone a number of times and has a good rapport with the mechanics. I had to get new windshield wiper blades (not just a refill), and I'll need to get someone to look at the breaks when I get my next check. Then after a quick Sam's Club stop for Tersha, and then I dropped her off at the Halfway House and then headed home.
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Friday- Went to the movie theater and saw The Illusionist. Oh Gods... this is an incredible film. Acting is excellent. Story is beautiful. Effects are mind-boggling. Accents, costumes, and sets are perfect.

Saturday- Good baby shower for [ profile] anangelssilence.

Saturday Night- Got to finally watch Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, and even finished it.

Sunday- Had a nice day, and finally got to meet [ profile] sagefemme11.

Now... called in sick from work with some sort of stomach bug that has me running to the bathroom very frequently. [ profile] gryphon_m and [ profile] purpura... I'm not sure if this is exactly what you had/have... since I don't know if you had frequent bathroom trips or not.
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other quick update first- Last weekend I went to the baby shower for [ profile] lilianafriendly and [ profile] curlyeric's little girl, who was born last week. Welcome Beverly Vera!

This weekend was the last weekend for the NY Ren Faire in Sterling Forest/Tuxedo, NY. I got in a lot of tupan playing, a few compliments too (including, "You've only been doing this for about a month? I wouldn't have known"). One of the vendors, Van Ness Studios is now doing wood carving and lathe turning. Andy made me a smaller beater to go with my drum (the one I got is larger than the drum itself), and it works wonderfully!

My brother Ed came down for Saturday- it was our birthday present for him (gas, getting in, food...).

Saturday night we ended up going to dinner with Paul, Olyssia, Scott (all from Karpathos), and some of the other Faire vendors/workers. In that grouo was the owners of The Neon Gargoyle, who had been so nice in letting us hang out (rain or shine) and store our stuff there between sets.

Because it looked like it could turn at any moment, we ended crashing up at the Stronghold on Saturday night (getting a chance to see [ profile] prisoner007) instead of trying to deal with a tent and the wet and the dark. Even though rain threatened... there were only a couple of drops here and there all weekend.

And twice during the little bit of visit time before everyone crashed [ profile] ioldanach and [ profile] marnen came up with the same line at the same time.

Marnen got a pony tail holder from Medieval Metal. I might order one later. As neat as a lot of the stuff was at the faire, there wasn't a lot that said "buy me or die". I might get boots from Renboots when I have the money though. Or wait until next year when I can try them on again... boots and me can be such a tricky thing.

I think I'm going to miss the Faire, and I look forward to the next season.

This week I have archery practice, a Rebekahs meeting, and Carla's baby shower/staying on Sunday at the Stronghold to finally meet [ profile] sagefemme11!!!
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...All in One Night!

I went to a bridal show out in New Windsor last night, at the Meadowbrook which is about 5-10 minutes away from the Stronghold. So I stopped off beforehand to visit, got to hold Charlie for a while, and got a chance to shoot one round of arrows at the Non-Archery Practice practice.

I also got a bit of dinner- [ profile] 11th_letter made a really yummy ham, baked apples, and biscuits.

The details on the show are available here on the Sun/Moon journal.

Afterwards, I went back to the Stronghold, watched some Alton Brown, and slept over in the family room.
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2 multiple hundred dollar car repairs within one month
+ a screw up at the bank_______________________
not having the $ for Hunter's Moon

Also, If I don't go to Hunter's Moon, I can work Labor Day and get an extra 8 hours of pay.

I'm also re-thinking about going to Barleycorn, but since I should have the OT check for Labor Day in for then I might be able to swing it.

Since I was planning on going to the Ren Faire for closing weekend (which is the same weekend as the equestrian event in Concordia), I might not get a chance to see people in a SCAdian context until Ceilidh.

I will be up in September at least once (probably the last weekend at this point) for the usual hang out and visit my Aunt Glady who's in the nursing home in East Greenbush.

I'm back

Jul. 27th, 2006 08:26 am
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I realized that I never posted that I was going to be away for a few days for a Rebekah conference (for the lack of a better term).

More involved update after I get settled and catch up with my work email and stuff.

Love you all.
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First off all, with yesterday off I'm slogging through LJ for updates... and just found out that [ profile] ragnarwolf is in the hospital for tests. Candle lit is in my mind and good thoughts all along.

My Aunt
Because the aids picked up my aunt to take a shower and had closed the door, they had the conference without us. We did get to talk to one of the main nurses, and she's going to set it up so they call me after the future ones instead of having to take the day off.

She's eating a little bit more. We've given the nurses a list of foods she likes in hopes that this will encourage her to eat more. The nurse is also going to get the speech therapist into the works to see if there is something physical interfering with her being able to swallow.

This weekend
Just found out that some of the people I was trying to see at Southern Region aren't going to be there... and since that was going to be the primary reason to go... Now considering on not going to SRWC. The Stronghold could use a hand, and Jack's birthday party is Sunday. Also, [ profile] zimarra is about to leave for AmeriCorps and it's her last weekend in Albany....

So might go over Friday to the Stronghold, stay the morning, then go up to Albany for Shirra's goodbye, then have more of the day Sunday to make it up to Glens Falls without having to worry about breaking down a tent and packing...


Jul. 18th, 2006 03:46 pm
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My Aunt is now in a nursing home, and tomorrow I am taking the day off to go up to the nursing home for the first meeting with all the doctors and social workers since she went in a couple of weeks ago. It's still a wait and see game. She's eating some, but not a lot- pretty much just water, juice, and ice cream sandwiches.

I'm still working a lot of overtime... or in this week's case "how many extra hours can I put in so it doesn't come out of my stash of paid time off days?"

Last night I picked up [ profile] marnen from the airport... after getting out of work at 10ish and then driving to Westchester... We ended up crashing at his dad's place, which meant we didn't have to drive all the way home and I could pick up my car.

It did mean I had to get up early for an hour long drive into work... how can people do that every day?

My plans for the weekend are to go to Southern Region, then leave from there to go to the New York State Rebekahs & [ profile] oddfellows Assembly Session up in Glens Falls for Sunday through Thursday. I'll be crashing at [ profile] tetsujinnooniand [ profile] chickipu_no_oni's house instead of paying for a hotel room. Even with my car, it would be cheaper I think, and since I have to be there by 9 am each day I should be able to avoid the race track traffic around Saratoga.

Anyone want to meet Tuesday night (7/25) up in Glens Falls for dinner? I have dinner time after the session, but have to be back by 8pm for officer installation, so I can't go far... and going down to Saratoga would be suicide (see previous reference to the race track traffic... Saratoga track season opens that week).

I can't wait to get back to the Stronghold and see what's happened with the place since the painting party.
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Her heart is failing.  She's in Evergreen Commons in North Greenbush.

This place is good.  Mom and I got there and the nurse was working with her.  The place is nicely set up, clean, spacious.  There's multiple nurses in the section. There's a doctor for the section and that *is* his practice- his only patients are in that section and he's on call if he's not on site.  They gave us a welcome packet with all the phone numbers, including the unit manager and the social worker.  We went to lunch, came back, and the doctor talked to us, sorted out the care orders (not only the DNR order but the no-tubes, etc. orders), and got things started with the social worker to get the proxy paperwork set up (something that Samaritan didn't help out on- expecting Ed to be able to get Aunt Glady to sign the papers on his own).  Then the social worker was there within a half hour and got the paperwork set up, the doctor to witness her nod to the question of if I could make decisions, and even got the paper signed.  I have the original and a copy of it already.

The idea is that we're going to make her as comfortable as possible.

Marnen got out of work early, and got there just in time to play a little bit for her before visiting hours were over.  Her room-mate also enjoyed it.  Aunt Glady relaxed to the point that she bare got out telling him "thank you" before going to sleep.

Then a whole group of us went to Garcias for dinner, including Ed and my mom.

I'm now sick... from sore throat to that weird pressure not pain in my ears to now coughing and feeling like I need to just curl up and make the world go away.

Ed and Marnen may be going up to Glenn Linn today, but it looks like court may be tomorrow.  So we're going to get a report from Virignia when she gets up there and make a decision from there.

I'll be at the nursing home for a good part of today.

Oh, I took the train up here on Thursday and I was delayed by a tree going across the tracks north of Hudson.
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Apparently, they're going to move her to a nursing home/rehab home.

They're not sure which one, because there's apparently a couple of different ones she could end up in and they're still looking for room.

There's the Evergreen Commons, and The Springs, both in the North Greenbush/East Greenbush area.

They plan to move her tomorrow, but I'm still going to be there for the morning rounds.
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So, yesterday and today the AZ account got slammed, so I've been able to get some overtime. With today (6-9) I'll have enough hours to make up the fact that I'll have Friday off.

8 extra hours between 3 days.

need sleep.
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Ed got a chance to get into a longer discussion with one of the day nurses- apparently she has been keeping some food down, but because her stomach hurts when she eats, she's refusing to eat anything more substantial than some shakes (like Ensure) and maybe some crackers.

And because the IV hurt so much last Friday, when they tried to put another one in her- she took a swing and almost decked one of the nurses. This is *not* her typical behavior.

I'm still going to go up to the hospital on Friday to talk to her doctors. Apparently her main doctor makes her rounds at about 7 am. *ugh* No late night at Dennys for me, but I hope to be able to stop by.
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One minute I'm fine. The usual combination of bored, horny, and ok (for the lack of a better term) that I usually am while at work.

Then I'm horribly depressed, mainly about my aunt.

Several things struck me yesterday. If she's not able to get in enough food/water, then she's possibly dehydrating and starving to death. And checking with my brother he's of the same mind, we'll confirm with Aunt Glady but we pretty sure that she doesn't want to be hooked up with tubes and machines... so if we have to make the decision that will effectively kill her.

Neither of those are a happy though by themselves. Now put them together and see what happens to my brain and emotional state....

I'm taking the day off Friday to go up to the hospital and sit there until I can talk to an actual doctor to get a real prognosis, and not something filtered through my mom. If I get up early enough, I'll try to get to dance practice, but I won't make any guarantees.
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Tuesday night:
Got to Albany
Cleaned out Jon's car
Went to Garcia's for dinner

Got up
Got picked up by Mom
Dropped off paperwork for Aunt Glady's pension
Went to the Salvation Army on Rt. 2 in Latham


Did buy a blouse, a copper mold (I've been collecting them), and a candle powered warming tray, and a couple of tops for Mom.
Went to meeting with the staff where Aunt Glady is (a rehab/convelescent home).
She'll have visiting OT/PT nurses, a visiting aid, and 1 meal from Meals on Wheels a day.
Got Mom a tank of gas
Got an earlier train to Poughkeepsie then expected
Started cleaning out the car
Went to an event at the Poughkeepsie Grand (What Women Want)
Came home, finished cleaning out the car.
Posted to LJ
took this Dr. Who character quiz )

Going to bed now
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I found out that yes, I'm on my aunt's paperwork at the convalescent home as a health care proxy (we didn't think I was at first), so I have a meeting next Wednesday up in Lansingburg to start the "what are we going to do next" dialog.

Possible options on this one include finding a permanent nursing home.

I'm planning on taking the train up, and I'll take the earlier train so if someone picks me up I can make it to B5 night with the Halfway House crowd ([ profile] tetsujinnooni, [ profile] chickipu_no_oni, [ profile] hotspurre, [ profile] auntiegrizelda, [ profile] zimarra, and some others).

I'll take the train back right after the meeting on Wednesday (because I have stuff to do down here that night- like, oh, PACK for Roses).


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