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So I ended up getting a few cook books over the weekend at a rummage sale. In the stack is a set of McCalls magazine cookbooks from the mid-1960s. I ended up with 4 out of what seems to be an 18 book/magazine set. I got M1- Cookie Collection, M2- Casserole Cooking, M3- Practically Cookless Cookbook, and M10- Do-Ahead Party Book. In the party book, there is a bride's cake recipe that has a fruitcake layer at the top. I've never heard of this before, but it's written of as a given for the party planner.
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[Wait.. I didn't do this ... an official announcement]

Most of you know that I got a new job up in the Albany area. I've been staying with Jon and Tersha while Marnen and I look for a place to live (and he finds a job up here too).

So, due to the new job and the upcoming move, the wedding is offically postponed until such things are sorted out and we can find a new date. To try to do both (a move and a wedding) would be sheer insanity, and we aren't really that crazy.

At this time, we're still looking at having the wedding in the Poughkeepsie area, because it's centralized for everyone in the States.

Love you all, and will keep you posted.

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On Saturday [ profile] marnen and I went to the wedding of a couple that we know through playing with Karpathos. Kazuki is Japanese, and a wonderful dumbek player (she's the one who plays with Karpathos at times). Seido, her fiance, is a Macedonian gypsy who is also a dumbek playe/drummer.

The wedding was at an orchard up it Statsburg. To find out later, the owners are into international dance and had met the couple through that community.

The wedding had a beautiful mix of Japanese and Macedonian/gypsy traditions. The music was mostly live with some DJed stuff. The live music was with two bands- one of them was a Balkan brass band (which had a couple of tupan players who I got a quick chance to talk to) and another band (Macedonian?) with an INCREDIBLE clarinet player.

There was food. There was light snack type stuff (mainly Greek/Middle Eastern) until after sunset (considering a significant portion of Seido's family is Muslim and it's Ramadan).

It did get cold as the night wore on. I changed out of my cut velvet dress (with my purple leather jacket) and put on jeans, a turtleneck, a sweater, and a vest.. They also set up a bonfire. Paul, Marnen, and I ended up playing around the fire (sometimes with a guy playing dumbek- not sure who he was). Also, at one point, the brass band started back up and Marnen and I ended up playing with them.

We got home really late.

Sunday there was an event at the Fortunoff for couples, called the Wedding Survival Challenge. Marnen and I went. More details over in the [ profile] sunmoon_wed journal soon. But the highlight is that we won a really nice Krups coffee maker. We might have one another contest, but the results haven't posted yet for them.
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Just busy enough at work that I can't really post.

I just happened to find pictures of me as Penny in the Call of Cuthulu Live game Six Demon Bag that I did back at Philcon 2005.

Anyone smoke cigars? I happened to get a freshly rolled (before my eyes) cigar when I was in NYC last night for a Fortunoff Girls' Night Out Bridal event. I found out that [ profile] rombarro will smoke cigars, but I won't see him until the end of October at MEPACon. More about the event later in the [ profile] sunmoon_wed journal.

This weekend Marnen and I will be at the Sterling Forest Ren Faire. I know some people are coming down. We're hoping that someone gets in touch with Ed (who doesn't have email access) and perhaps let him in on a potential car pool. I think he's planning on dance practice tonight.
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...All in One Night!

I went to a bridal show out in New Windsor last night, at the Meadowbrook which is about 5-10 minutes away from the Stronghold. So I stopped off beforehand to visit, got to hold Charlie for a while, and got a chance to shoot one round of arrows at the Non-Archery Practice practice.

I also got a bit of dinner- [ profile] 11th_letter made a really yummy ham, baked apples, and biscuits.

The details on the show are available here on the Sun/Moon journal.

Afterwards, I went back to the Stronghold, watched some Alton Brown, and slept over in the family room.
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and maybe Barleycorn is not such a good idea either.

Marnen's got a gig that Saturday night, and while it's an anniversary for us...

The only reason I'm considering Barleycorn at all is that I'll have 2 paychecks and several days of overtime (including working Labor Day and getting an extra 8 hours) before the event. But I have to pay back Marnen again for the second car repair, pay rent and bills, buy gas and food, and try to rebuild the nest egg for emergencies that got screwed by the car repairs *and* put money into the wedding fund.

Maybe it's not such a good idea for me too.. unless there were people to make it worth it. And at that, I might just day trip and miss out on the feast too.

But it is an anniversary and I'm already giving up Hunters for money reasons.
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On Thursday not only did I get my movie and cake pan, but the Living Greyhawk Gazetter came in. My Rebekahs meeting was canceled due to a lack of people showing up.

Friday night, I went up to Bearsville (next to Woodstock) for the State Assembly President's visit. It went rather well. They have their own Lodge hall (original to the Rebekah's/Odd Fellows). Dinner was good (the ladies of that lodge make good lasagna).

Saturday & Birthday Party )

Sunday & Theater )

Bernie and Sally gave me a gift card for Barnes & Nobel-- guess who's getting LFN Season 2?
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For a meet & greet lunch for the wedding party and major people involved, I ordered a sun and moon cake mold. I got a offer for 6 months of Amazon Prime for free, which gives free 2 day shipping. Unlike my last package, which was shipped from Jersey City, this was sent from Louisville, KY.

So that would have probably taken most of the long time that the super free shipping estimates (unlike the last order).

So it might depend on what you get where it get shipped from.... and I just got lucky with the books.
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So, last night I had a lovely talk with a "wellness coach"- the result of the health screening I did back in April. I have 6 sessions total with the coach/mentor. It was a nice talk, and I set a goal of going to the gym Thursday morning before work for the next three weeks (the gym now opens at 5am, making this possible).

I then met Marnen at Umami for dinner. And we talked and ate. It was good, up until the end. I noticed that it was late, and got hit with "oh my gods, look at the time, I have this to do, and that to do, and something else to do..."

Turning me into a little stress kitten.

I got home, and used the new printer/scanner combo to scan the model bylaws for my Rebekahs Lodge, and got all the text right (some words like financial got mangled), and got our Lodge's modifications to the model done. Then I tried to turn in early, because my body was sore from my workout on Sunday, and my brain was crispy.

Today I've split the list of places to call and inquire about venues between Marnen and me (probably something I should have done a while ago).

I'm also in the process of emailing the people for the Meet & Greet lunch to begin the food coordination process.

I need to get a list together of the other stuff (including Roses prep) and *not* freak out about the list.
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Ok, this is also in the [ profile] sunmoon_wed journal, but in the interest of I found something really cool (as least personally...) here is the story again (and actually in more detail).

So, there was this set of silver flatware (to find out it's silver plate) that's been kicking around my parent's house for ages. I don't remember/know of it having been used in the 30 something years that I've been alive. So a little while ago I asked my Mom if I could have it.

It's a funky and neat pattern. I also had no idea what the pattern was, how old it was. But what little research I had did didn't come up with the pattern. I did find out that it was silver plate and not sterling.

So yesterday I called my mom while I was on a break. To find out she had inherited it from her parents when they passed away. They had gotten married in 1929 and she knew that it was not something they had gotten for their wedding.

So I hit the Internet again to search. And search. and Search.

I found this really great website- Replacements, Ltd.

And after exhaustive search through the Oneida/Community collection, looking for everything that was between 1930 and 1960, I found the pattern- Lady Hamilton, circa 1932 with the "modern" knife style.

Image Behind Cut )

So I can see what is available from the set and flesh it out (which isn't necessarily a wedding thing). Although I'm not sure what the difference between a knife and a grille knife is. Or between a teaspoon and a 5 o'clock teaspoon.

One of the neat things on the site is not only can you get replacement pieces, but they also make new pieces with the "bases" of existing pieces. For example, they make napkin rings from teaspoons. I'm thinking of getting the cake knife that they make so we can use that at the wedding, but I have to check with [ profile] marnen before we do that.
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So Friday night [ profile] marnen and I went to look at a possible wedding/reception site. I'll post more about that in [ profile] sunmoon_wed.

Then I went to a club to see The Flying Buttresses and Zen Debris. This is a link to pictures that were taken by the "official" photographer. I had fun, even though the crowd was a bit... sparse to say the least.

Saturday morning Marnen and I did some registry related stuff. Mainly deciding on going to Filene's (soon to be Macy's) for china and that sort of stuff, and Target for other stuff (and decided on a bedding set). Again, I'll post more about that in [ profile] sunmoon_wed.

Marnen left to go to Aikido, and I did some shopping. I ended up getting two tops (a side effect of shrinking and longer fitting into my clothing) and a pair of stockings. I then headed over to the Stronghold-As-It-Is-Currently-Located-In-Warwick. Jeff, Katie, and Matt had to run and look at another possible house, so I got to spend a while talking with Kae. It was a good thing. And for once I had dinner there that didn't involve steak (but involved mashed potatoes again, which is a *good* thing too). Then I did get time to hang out with Jeff & Katie (Matt had to go to bed). Marnen had a gig, so I stayed overnight and had pancakes and helped Martha the house for an Open House. I was there when the bid went in and as things developed, which was a neat thing to see. I also got a lot of time in seeing Charlie.

Sunday afternoon I headed over to Rich & Debbie Simons' house in Beacon. They are a couple that Marnen's known for over 10 years now. They're both good musicians and Rich is a conductor 2 ways- a conductor for the Metro North and an orchestra conductor. Each year they host an orchestral/chamber music jam. I met Marnen over there and played a bit. Even got to play my piccolo, which doesn't happen much. But good gods, the William Tell has a B that's TWO OCTAVES ABOVE the staff, in the PICCOLO part. That's above Stars & Stripes range. I got it out, once, after asking Marnen on how to finger the blasted thing.

Saturday I had a headache when I got to the Stronghold. I took some stuff for it. Sunday, it came back with a vengeance. Especially after playing the William Tell.

I made it home. I stopped for Mt. Dew and meds on the way. I was even a little nauseous (which rarely happens with my migraines, fortunately). I slowly drove home, and when I got there it took a while to fall asleep.

Today is work. Part of me didn't want to go, but I don't have time to play with for days off. Tonight I have to stop off and do some work on the bylaws for my Rebekah's lodge, then run over to the CIA for dinner with Marnen and Bernie for Bernie's birthday.
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Well, 2 out of 3 aren't bad. I don't actually want to become mean.

This all happened yesterday/last night.

I hit the gym yesterday and spent a while there. 45 minutes on a bike, and a long session on the strength training circuit. It has been a while since I did a circuit and I felt really good afterwards. Especially after I sat in the whirlpool and steam room.

Just before going to the gym I went to Home Depot to see if they had silver polish. They didn't, but I picked up some clothes to do the polishing with (and some other cleaning supplies). After working out, I went to the store to pick up things for dinner and found silver polish and some more cleaning supplies.

I got home and put stuff away, then set to cleaning one full setting of the silver I have from Mom. For things that had not been out of their case in years (I don't even remember using them when I was a kid), they're not too bad, but still in need of cleaning. We're planning on taking a set with us to a couple of stores to see what we pattern can find to compliment them in serving utensils. I also need to take a picture of the dishes we got from Allen Wagner's to take with us as well to find a dish pattern that matches/goes with them to get serving dishes that work with them.

Yes, we actually plan on registering for some stuff. It feels kind of weird to tell people the things we want... then again we don't need any more blenders.

Just before cooking dinner I finally unpacked some boxes and got some pots and pans that we had gotten from Allen's house. They're in line to get washed- dirty dishes first, then incorporate newer things (and I'm just waiting for the dishwasher to get cleared out). After dinner (shrimp with peanut sauce over vegetables), box debris and garbage went out (today is a garbage day). I even got the broken toilet seat that we replaced out to the curb too.

With a wedding coming up, I've got to get through stuff and clean up, and get help from him to do it too.
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Barring site availability and etc...

Tentative wedding date will be June 2, 2007
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Pics taken at the Pastry Garden

More will be added when Marnen sends me the pics he took with his phone.

It's the stuff that caught our interest while we were at the <a href=">Pastry Garden.</a> Are we getting to the point that we should start a separate wedding journal? <b>Update:</b> I got Marnen's pics added to the gallery, and link to the bakery's website.
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My Lady, some four years ago, At feast of Barleycorn we met,
Altho' what would transpire therefrom None could foretell as yet.

But ere the year had scarce gone round, A suitor came to pay you court.
I was that suitor, come to earn A place within your heart.

'Twas on a long midwinter's night Your heart by mine at last was won,
And thus did rise into my heav'ns A new and radiant sun.

Still shines that sun, and still am I Far happier than I knew could be.
My Lady, hear my question then: Say, will you marry me?
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Ed ([ profile] hopelrailmantic) took the pictures, and they're a little fuzzy (I've not cooked them), but they are there.

[ profile] tetsujinnooni also took pictures, but I've not seen them yet (hint hint).


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