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Yesterday I:
purchased a new Palm PDA
which already hit FedEx yesterday, and is only coming from NJ, so with all luck it will get here earlier than the estimated date.

got a manicure & pedicure
Gods, I'd forgotten how good it feels to get a pedicure. I'm surprised I could walk afterwards my feet and calves felt so good.

grabed Taco Bell for dinner
there has to be crack or something in the Fire sauce

Went to A&S and made glass beads
I'll have to get pics and post them. The others at A&S liked my design choices

Tonight I will:
Get the oil changed on my car
Go to dinner with [ profile] marnen at Osho, one of the area Japanese steakhouses, for our belated Valentine's Day dinner..
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Someone (who didn't put in a name, or otherwise wished to be Anonymous) sent me a dozen virutual roses on LJ.

Thank you.
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To all whom I love (in all their ways).

The more traditional Valentines Day activities with Marnen will be postponed until Thurdsay, a day that he doesn't have to work late and after I am paid.

Cross your fingers, I have something in the works.
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[ profile] marnen made a yummy dinner of salad (with pear, toasted walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese) and sesame noodles (making the sauce from scratch- ok, mostly from scratch... he made the caveat over my shoulder that he didn't frind the sesame seeds into a paste). Then we went to see the Producers at the cheap theater. We finally saw [ profile] nounsandverbs's brother's name up on the big screen.

Now time for bed.
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Happy Birthday to my wonderful beautiful beloved....

[ profile] marnen
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My Lady, some four years ago, At feast of Barleycorn we met,
Altho' what would transpire therefrom None could foretell as yet.

But ere the year had scarce gone round, A suitor came to pay you court.
I was that suitor, come to earn A place within your heart.

'Twas on a long midwinter's night Your heart by mine at last was won,
And thus did rise into my heav'ns A new and radiant sun.

Still shines that sun, and still am I Far happier than I knew could be.
My Lady, hear my question then: Say, will you marry me?
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Ed ([ profile] hopelrailmantic) took the pictures, and they're a little fuzzy (I've not cooked them), but they are there.

[ profile] tetsujinnooni also took pictures, but I've not seen them yet (hint hint).
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my comment on # 6-

[ profile] marnen has an iBook and a wireless network set up in the house... so even the bedroom isn't safe. I've spent a number of nights since we've moved in together curled up to him and falling asleep by the light of the iBook's screen.


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