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I'd been hearing around that exercises helps with stress. I've also not been to the gym in too long, so after work I met up with Marnen and went to the gym (guests are free this month).

I went to the Group Power class that I used to go to. I recognized a number of the people, and one of them said to me afterwards that she had wondered what happened to me. I was smart and went with minimum weights, but gods, I'm sore right now.

But on a better keel emotionally. It feels like some of the stress as been drawn off.

Afterwards, Marnen took me out to dinner at an Italian place we haven't gone to before (Cosimo's) and everything was excellent. The food, the service, the decor, the wine...

I'm more relaxed then I've been in a while.


May. 10th, 2006 11:12 am
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My legs hurt.

I did cardio and a strength circuit on Sunday, then about 40 minutes cardio-kickboxing/aerobics and an hour of Group Power strength training last night.

Ow ow ow. I have to do this more often so it doesn't hurt so much.

And my arms and shoulders hurt too, but the legs hurt enough to be the primary pain focus.

Not sure if I could survive fencing... I'll have to see how my body heals up during the day.

Otherwise I might either hit the bathtub, or the gym (because the gym has a whirlpool).
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So, last night I had a lovely talk with a "wellness coach"- the result of the health screening I did back in April. I have 6 sessions total with the coach/mentor. It was a nice talk, and I set a goal of going to the gym Thursday morning before work for the next three weeks (the gym now opens at 5am, making this possible).

I then met Marnen at Umami for dinner. And we talked and ate. It was good, up until the end. I noticed that it was late, and got hit with "oh my gods, look at the time, I have this to do, and that to do, and something else to do..."

Turning me into a little stress kitten.

I got home, and used the new printer/scanner combo to scan the model bylaws for my Rebekahs Lodge, and got all the text right (some words like financial got mangled), and got our Lodge's modifications to the model done. Then I tried to turn in early, because my body was sore from my workout on Sunday, and my brain was crispy.

Today I've split the list of places to call and inquire about venues between Marnen and me (probably something I should have done a while ago).

I'm also in the process of emailing the people for the Meet & Greet lunch to begin the food coordination process.

I need to get a list together of the other stuff (including Roses prep) and *not* freak out about the list.
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At my last update (12/22/05), I was 212.6.
On 12/29/05, I was at 216.4 (up 3.8, but considering it was after Xmas/Chanukah/Yule, isn't all that bad).

Last night (after 2 weeks of not weighing in), I was at 215.6, which is down .8 lb.

Not bad for not tracking, Godiva chocolate, and a salt craving from hell.

I also went bra shopping. My boobs have gotten smaller! I was a 42 D/DD, and now I'm a 40 C. I was a 38 C for a while (and insisted that I was still one until [ profile] chickipu_no_oni smacked me upside the head and had me try different bra sizes).

I've been managing to hit the gym at least twice a week, and usually 3, and sometimes 4 times a week. Tuesdays is my main night, where I go to a cardio-kickboxing class (low impact for me), then the Group Power strength training class. I think I can discern a small shaping difference in my upper arms, but I'm not completely sure.

I've started tracking again. I wasn't sure if I'd get to the gym this weekend (I'm going up to Albany for Friday and Saturday and Sunday I have a Rebekahs initiation down here) so I went last night.

Start weight 272.8 Current 215.6 Net change -57.2
Start 6/9/04, 10% on 9/15/04 next goal - the next 10 lbs
Descending the decades: 270-6/23/04, 260-7/8, 250-8/15, 240-10/13, 230-4/13/05, 220-8/3
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so last night I went to Cardio Kickboxing, followed by the Group Power weight class....

Gods, I'm sore, weary, and I just want to crawl back into bed. But I'm at work instead.

I liked the Cardio kickboxing class. It's a tough class, even with just doing the low impact version of most of the steps. I spoke to the instructor, Michelle, before the class started and she said to not worry about the cardio part, but to concentrate on form, and the cardio part would come over time. Which is something that I liked, and will probably help me stick with it.

I did pretty well, but my form (namely holding my fists up in my face) was a little lagging by the end. I also wasn't kicking high and remembering to hold the tummy in is very hard....

Then I went right into the Group Power class. and it went well... but I was very tired and a bit sore by the end.

I'm not going so badly today as I might be... but it is a workout that I still feel hours later.

And I'll do it again next week. I figure that as long as it doesn't kill me, it will get easier each week.
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My Last Weigh In was a cause of some emotional concern for me (although I knew where it came from...), because I let the numbers get me down...

but "This too shall pass"

my WI this past Thursday gave me other news... I had made up the 4.4 I gained and added another pound for a 5.4 loss and put me back over the 60 pound loss mark (60.2 lb to be exact).

I hit the gym last night, and tonight my plan is to go to both a Cardio-Kickboxing class and the Group Power weight training class.

Start weight 272.8 Current 212.5 Net change -60.2
Start 6/9/04, 10% on 9/15/04 next goal - the next 10 lbs
Descending the decades: 270-6/23/04, 260-7/8, 250-8/15, 240-10/13, 230-4/13/05, 220-8/3
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I went to a Group Power class at my gym. The instructor, Amber, was actually the person who processed my joining the gym in the first place.

I had fun. I knew most of the music (and one of the sets was to a remix of one of my favorite Prince songs, "When Doves Cry") and actually sang along for a lot of the class (it was either that or descent into grunts and yelling at a couple of points).

While waiting for the Group Power class I watched a bit of the Cardio Kickboxing class. I might try that next week.
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I got the fencing equipment on Friday. Basically, a "I'm not using this any more and am not likely to use it again" email went out on the Concordia list and I snagged it- a fencing bag, a mask, and a jacket. The mask has a drape that matches the jacket. The jacket needs some work on it (it's too large for me), and needs at least a couple more more layers to make it puncture resistant (otherwise I'd have to wear it over the jacket I have from [ profile] sunatrya.

Saturday I went to see the production of Pirates of Penzance that [ profile] marnen was the musical director for at Mt. St. Vincent's College. It was interesting... the kids apparently came a *long* way and it was an ok performance. The audience was small and apparently I was the only one that could be heard laughing at the jokes (as opposed to the physical humor). Afterwards I had dinner with some of the orchestra (not Marnen though, he had to go to NJ for a contra dance).

Yesterday I joined All-Sport Poughkeepsie/Ulster and spent a while in the gym. I'm more sore today than when I went with [ profile] ciaranmacleod, but that's partially because some of the weights on the circuit were increased and I was on the elliptical machine for longer beforehand.

I also started going through and doing laundry. Basically washing so I can sort out the stuff I don't fit into (because it's too small) to distribute appropriately and pack away the summer clothes. Man I have a lot of black clothes and blue/green clothes (about 4 loads each).
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but it's a good sore. I went to All Sport Poughkeepsie with [ profile] ciaranmacleod. I had a good time, even though I had to cut it short because of my Rebekahs meeting (which went very very long). I'm a little sore, my upper right arm particularly (but I also went to fencing practice on Wednesday).

the icon is part of a screen shot from Puzzle Pirates. I'm waiting on a gown skirt of blue and green.

This weekend I'll be at Ceilidh, and I'll be bringing [ profile] hopelrailmantic with me.


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