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if you like John Ringo and his books...

John Ringo had his novel 'Ghost" nominated for best romance (WTF?!?!, that was my reaction too Ragnar) in some poll.

He is offering a spectacular death for voters
That's it, I'm offering real red-shirts, blood and gore, for votes.
I'll put all the names of people who voted in the Space Bubble file. For males I've got Ranger (or possibly Force Recon, haven't decided) straightforward redshirts (they even, on certain planets, wear red camo uniforms) or SF bodyguard/tech specialists. (SF with some hard science background.) I also have a few scientific slots for people who can show that they've communicated with internet friends and brought them in for additional votes.
For females, I've got non-combat roles that will still permit you to go down fighting but dead, dead, dead nonetheless. No wholesale redshirting (ie "The Cutthroat"). Each person will die an awesome, on camera, full up, death with gore. Guaranteed. If not in Space Bubble than in another book.
Step up to the plate, people, if you want to go down in posterity with your guts being used for dental floss!
Vote at

And if you vote, post and let me know... if I can show that I got a few suckers votes in, then my death can be bigger... *giggle*
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An email sent by Baen Publishing to a mailing list that I'm advertising an electronic advanced reader copy of the sequal to Ghost has this set of passages asa disclaimer:

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. This book and series has no connection to reality. Any attempt by the reader to replicate any scene in this series it to be taken at the reader's own risk.
For that matter, most of the actions of the main character are illegal under U.S. and international law as well as most of the stricter religions in the world. There is no Valley of the Keldara. Heck, there is no Kildar. And the idea of some Scotts and Vikings getting together to raid the Byzantine Empire is beyond ludicrous. The islands described in a previous book do not exist. Entire regions described in these books do not exist. Any attempt to learn anything from these books is disrecommended by the author, the publisher and the author's mother who wishes to state that he was a very nice boy and she doesn't know what went wrong.

I love John...
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Ok... so I've been bouncing around about the Cruxshadows concert, and the book Ghost. And I've joined a discussion list and a forum for Cruxshadows...

and of course I mentioned the book.

I just got an email from the author. He's cool with the fact that [ profile] chickipu_no_oni and I got the books in advance. And he's right now getting ready to go to the CXS concert in Nashville tonight.

Oh, PSA about Ghost. It's a bit graphic in terms of sex and violence, and kinked in terms of sex.
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Thanks to the overtime, I was able to afford to go up to Albany this past weekend and finally see the in concert at Valentine's. [ profile] marnen couldn't make it because he had a gig in Staten Island on Saturday, then a English Country dance in Ridgewood on Sunday.

Friday night- Garcias and Firefly )

Saturday early afternoon- Rebekahs with Mom )

Later Saturday Afternoon- Finding a Ghost )

Saturday Early Evening- picking up Katie and getting fencing stuff )

Saturday Evening- Getting ready for the concert, aka Who's that? )

Saturday Night- The Concert itself )

Saturday Night- after the concert, book signing and pictures )

Sunday- Getting home, finishing Ghost )

And now that I've finished gushing, I'm about to run to the store to get food to make tonight- tofu with peanut sauce over veggies.

Pictures to follow.


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